Honoring Great Americans

When we look at all true Americans, from the start of America til now, yes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should be acknowledged, but to have his own day? There are alot of American’s through the years of this great country, that have given so much more, in which we just plain forget about. MLK is remembered, not for his service to this country, but for something in which we today, tend to take for granted, or simply just forget. What he did for all of us is, the way he got his message across, that way was “Communication”. This simply way, is something in which we do not do today, Communication is what drives our country, the world and simply our everyday lives, with our jobs and our families. Martin Luther King knew this, to his credit he did this on a daily basis. He was 100% correct on the equality of all of us, no matter what color, creed, nationality, or religion, we are all Humans on this planet, that bleed red blood, have eyes, noses etc… there is no such thing as “Racism”, it’s just a term someone made up for an arguement. Until we all accept this, learn to live with and love one another, we will never see “real change”. The kind of change in which our Lord God, had envisioned for us, when he created this great planet. When I see Martin Luther King, I see a great communicator, that knew how to get his message across, but let’s not forget those great Americans, that have given so much more for us to keep our “Freedom”. America is full of great Individuals, which is why this is the greatest country on the planet.

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