It’s not my job mentality

This is the mentality of this Society we are in right now, “it’s not my job”. We live in an all about me society and this is the exact reason why this Society is failing right now. We all have the mentality that, if it don’t effect me, then I will just keep doing what I do, cause I am better then most. We think that my way is the best way, we stay closed minded and don’t look out to see that, this Society does not revolve around me, this Society in reality, revolves around each and every one of us and what we bring to it, in order to flourish for the long haul. It’s kind of like the game of Football, that which ever “TEAM”, has the best strategy and works together as a team, pools it’s talents, will win the game on that day. Then eventually with a few wins strung together, wins the Championship. This is the Mentality in which we in this Society, need to accept, in order to grow this Society as one, to flourish and become stronger. It’s not all about me, It’s about what I can bring, into society, to help all of us in this society, be better and stronger, moving forward in life.

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