The Cognitive Mind

We all have one, it varies differently in each of us. Even the smartest scientist will tell you, the Human Brain is the most difficult computer to understand, no matter how much they study it, they may understand it, but will never figure it out. The Brain is the most complex of all Organs. The Cognitive Mind, is a reflection of the Brain, but you will never figure out what each and every Human has on their mind. When we are first born, our minds start out with a clean slate, it’s how we are brought up, in which programs the mind. When we have a good up-bringing, the mind will program itself with good thoughts, when you brought up in a devient way, your mind will program itself in a devient way. To re-program the Cognitive Mind later in life, can be done, but will take a cognitive effort and alot of hard work on the Individual. With our up bringing, is how we program our Cognitive Minds, so we can bring good into society, so we all can live happily throughout our lives.

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