Competitivness in sports

We all have the competitive juices running through our blood, it is what drives us to be the very best at what we do. It don’t matter what sport you play, we all want to win, some of us do get more competitive then other’s, depending on that fire that burns inside us. While playing that sport and the fire keeps burning, thats keeps us on top and winning, is one thing. It’s when our sport’s career gets old and the fire dims, the passion disappears and our bodies get older, is when we retire from our sport, that gave us so much. Even when we are done from competing in our sport, the competitivness still burns within us, it’s what we do with that, that determines on how we live the rest of our lives. No matter on what we did as an athlete for success, the real success starts when we retire and take that fire that burns inside us, turn it into a positive, that can help ourselves and others in this society. When we all do the right thing, Society will grow stronger, with each Generation.

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