The Frustrating Job Market

Our Elected Officials, have everything to do with the current job market and the sluggish economy. When you have our elected officials, showing no signs of working together, or no signs of uniting as a team, in order to solve all our Fiscal problems, it then trickles down to our companies, whether big corporations or a small Mom and Pop business. This leaves a big void of the unknown, which leads to a company either hiring or not hiring. This makes us all frustrated, especially those of us out there looking, even the stores won’t hire, cause their sales are down, cause the ones that are working, are not spending money in this time of uncertanty. You also have to deal with companies that are not hiring, but run an ad, just as if they are, to see what is out there, that’s what makes it frustrating for those of us, that are looking, cause we then get caught up in their games. You also have the Employer’s, that ask you in for an interview, then never return a phone-call, with a simple yes or no, regardless of the amount of times you follow up with them.
So within this Society of uncertanty, we can still follow the simple human nature rule of, “Common Sense” and “Common Decency”. These two simple rules, are what shapes us into a strong Society and also what makes these United States, the best country on the planet.

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