Federal and State Goverments

All of our Elected officials, will do and say what we want to hear, in order to get elected into office. It’s us that need to see through their words, to disect them and see what they truely are? They (elected officials) when in office, lose sight of what got them there, like once they recieve their pay, recieve pensions, the benefits etc…. Then they get involved in the “backdoor” deals, that nobody see’s and put’s cash money into their pockets. They tend to forget who, or why put them into office and start thinking all about me, to vote on bill’s that are only good for them. It’s called the “Washington Power Game”, then instesd of the people that put them there, emailing or calling them daily, the people give up and start talking negitivly towards them, like they can hear them. The only way for our elected officials to hear us is, to pester them with emails and phone calls, keep them thinking of us who put them there. Our Goverment say’s, we will pass this bill, but those that make under $250,000, will not see a Tax Hike? well it’s done and all of us who are struggling are now paying 2% more in taxes? Then the State steps in and now has a plan, that will raise our taxes for the next 10 years? Now we the people get double whammied, so the Goverment’s will have more wastful spending, when will it end? If you and I spend like Goverment does, we would be broke and living on the street, so what do we do? We make budgets for ourselves and live within our means. What makes our Elected Officials any different? Under Harry Reid, there has never been a budget. hence more wasteful spending. It’s time we hold all these Officials accountable for their actions. If as a country can’t afford something, then we don’t spend the money, we don’t rely on the tax payer, when they are already taxed to the max and struggling to make ends meet now. You the Goverment then have to look inside yourself’s, to find a real solution. A solution which is right in front of you, cut spending. There are so many things within the Goverment, like programs, groups, 2nd term Inaugeration, etc…. that can be cut and save this country millions. If a CEO of a corporate company, can layoff thousands, in order to save money, then re-structure to move forward, stronger and better, then what makes our Leader’s any different. It’s time we American’s start holding our Elected Officials accountable, stop all the wasteful spending, cut back on groups and programs, down size office worker’s for these Officials and stop voting in raises for yourselves, until you are worthy enough to do the job. Right now, nobody in Goverment is worthy enough for a raise.

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