New England Patriots Football

Why have the New England Patriots been so successful for so long you ask?
Starts with the Owner Bob Kraft, who was for a long time a season ticket holder, had a passion for the game and had the funds available to purchase the team for the better. Building a new state of the art stadium, putting the right personnel around him, like a very good coach in Bill Bellichek, who shares the same passion and knowledge of the game. Bill’s knowledge of the game goes without saying, as his actions have proved that, it’s the actions behind the scenes with, his knowledge of free agency, the draft and knowing when a player is on the decline, plus, keeping the stars like Brady and Wilfork, then building a team around them, that compliments them perfectly. Who thought Brady, a 6th rounder, would of evolved into what he is today? The best in the game. This is where Belichek has succeeded beyond anybodies wildest dream. Yes they have spoiled us in this part of the country, as we all dread when those two retire, but it has been a great story for a long time. Brady and Belichek are the best coach/quarterback tandom in the history of the NFL and will be in the Hall of Fame, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the ride, as “in Bill we trust”. This organization under Bob Kraft, has become a model sports franchise, of all the sports, with son Jonathan, close by his Dad’s side at all times, is learning first hand on how to keep this excellence going. True we may see the end of the greatest era and reign of all sports, when Belichek and Brady finally hang it up, but we here in New England, are blessed to witness this first hand. To Bob Kraft, I want to say thank you, for the ride, you are truely the best Owner in sports.
Godspeed to the Patriots, as they pursue yet another SuperBowl victory.

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