What really is Change?

Change is something that we are afraid of, cause it affects our “comfortable ways”. Change happens in a wide variety of ways, whether drastic, or suttle. We all in some way are affected by change, in one way or another. from a baby, to adulthood and beyond, our own bodies go through a wide array of changes, we move, or change jobs, drive to the same job, then take a different route, that’s a change, as we wake up, we do our certain routines, then one day do something different, that’s a change. Change happens in many different ways, to each of us everyday, it is something not to be afraid of, as if done in the right way, change can be a very good thing for all of us. The biggest reason why change is feared, is cause it takes us away from our comfortable setting, into unc hartered waters, look at Christopher Columbus, if he was afraid of change, America may not have been discovered. Change is good, as we should embrace it, to find a different comfortable level, in which makes us better and stronger in the long run.


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