Over stepping our boundaries

In this current Society we all live, you have Goverment, groups, or even everyday people over-stepping their boundaries on a daily basis. First you have the Atheists, that no matter what, they go out of their way to invoke their right, to ban God from everything in our Society, they forget that those same rights that they have, we also have the same rights to follow our beliefs. Then you have Goverment, whether State or Federal, banning trans-fats or even a large glass of soda, they say we have an over weight problem? what about those of us who don’t? those of us who know how stop something that is bad for us, you can’t step in because of a small percentage that have no willpower. There are other more important things for our Goverment to focus on. Now because of a few Emotionally Distraught Individuals, you have our President looking to change the 2nd Amendment, that will affect even those of us that own guns, that do it the right way and follow the law to a T. What they should be focusing on is, Mental Health for these Individuals and getting rid of the red tape for these facilities, making it easier to get them help, before the next tradgedy. Those of us that do the right thing like, attain a license to carry, take the proper firearm saftey courses, keep the trigger locks on all the time and in a locked approved gun cabinet, instead of punishing them, should be left alone. The real problem lies within the “Illegal” sale of weapons, this is where the focus should be sent. Everybodies perception of all the “Bill of Rights”, will always be different, cause it’s Human Nature and what we are. What we need to remmember is, these Rights pertain to all of us equally, when one say’s your infringing on my right’s, we should then say, “okay I respect your right, but then you should also respect mine”. When it comes to Over-stepping our boundaries, Goverment should be about bringing our Society together and be stronger, not divideing our Society and making it weaker. Those of who believe in God and go to church, should not have to worry about offending someone. If those of us want to drink a large soda anywhere, we should be free to do so. The bottom line is, let’s work together as a Society, instead of butting our heads and over stepping our boundaries.

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