What team sports bring to our Society

A Team that plays together, is a Team that wins together. Even when there are some losses thrown in, that team still wins together. Everything the sports media throws at us about certain players in their sport, its not just that guy that wins the game, it’s a combonation of all his teammates, that contribute to their win. A good owner and coach of a team, will go out and find one or two guys, that become the stars of the team, then they find others that compliment those stars, by their demeanor and what they can offer the team. The New England Patriots are perfect examples of this, Bob Kraft and Bill Belichek, have become to the league, great role models of what it takes to be successful for a long time. They have their leaders like Brady, Wilfork, Mayo, then they went out to get guys that compliment them with skill as well as passion. The 2004 Red Sox, were not the most talented team, but the way they came back on the Yankees, showed great compliment of teamwork. When you have that compliment of teamwork and will to win, that usally out weighs talent most of the time. With all this said, the lesson we bring into Society from team sports is, no matter what you bring to Society, when you work together and combine your talents, the sky is the limit.

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