TV shows and the media

Over the past 20 years, the media and TV shows have influenced our society greatly. In some ways they have had a negative influence, for instance the violence and sex on our TV’s, have become so overwhelming, that they send the wrong message to our children, the Media has become all about drama to keep the ratings high so they can make money, which has made our society all about drama. When you create drama and turn it to violence, you teach our children from a young age, that it’s ok to take what you see and harm others. This is where the Parenting of the children comes into play, if the Parentsteach the children to view these items with an open mind, which that this only happens on TV, then the child will be more social towards others and won’t look to harm other’s like they see on TV. Our Society is screwed up right now, but all the Parents can change this, by communicating with there children more, getting back to Sunday Family dinners, like it used to be and not leaving the child alone to watch the TV and let these thoughts ponder in their heads. Communication is a huge part of our Society and it’s a part that we have ventured away from, if we as a Society get back to this, you will see that Society will change for the better.

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