The Job Market

In this day and age, the job search can be very stressful. The Employers want you to do all the work online, instead of meeting you face to face, they want you to give al contact infomation, which they don’t even give you the courtesy of a yes or no. Yet we as the Jobseeker, have to drop what we are doing to wait for them, I know it is an Employer market out there, but at least you can have give and take, it’s common courtesy and it show’s respect for all parties. The Job market has changed big time, when I recieved my first job, when I walked in the back door and got hired, times change, I get that. At least we can be more cooperative with each other, whether an Employer or a Jobseeker. A simple yes or no, goes a long way in society, instead of stringing people along, we lack respect of one another and need to get that back in order to make this society great again.

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