Sports in Society

The true meaning of sports is, to teach you how to win and teach you how to lose, in a sportsman way. Football, Hockey. Baseball and Basketball, are all team sports, you are taught to win as a team, as well as lose as a team. They also teach you to be respectful, to your teammates, as well as your opponent. When the game is over, you shake hands with all, whether you win or lose. In today’s Society, we went from being a team, to it’s all about me, from a young age we are brought up, that the game revolves around you, in order to get signed by the pro’s, for your payday. The saleries in the pro’s are way out of whack, where a hard working blue collar worker, don’t even come close to a Baseball player, who really doesn’t work at all, from the true meaning of “work”. 250 million dollars, for a guy who is just a DH in Baseball, that sits on a bench and hits a ball a few times a game, really!!! what’s wrong with this? This is the message we send our children as they grow up. We need to take the “me” out of sports and get back to “team”. When you win as a team, or lose as a team, your not just helping a few of individuals, you are helping Society as a whole, when you take these lessons, into Society as you grow up. These are the lessons in which grows a Society with respect and love of one another.

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