Inaugeration or no Inaugeration

In this time of a bad economy and huge national debt, with alot of worker’s laid off and struggeling, don’t you think spending money on another Presidential Inaugeration, of a President re-elect, is a waste of Tax payer money? I think any President that gets re-elected for a second term, should just renew his oath and get back to work. Especially when there is a huge debt and Fiscal problem. First and for most, they need to cut spending, starting with the Presidental Inaugeration. When you want to send a message to the American people, that you are serious about cutting spending, balencing the budget and downsizing the national debt, I can’t think of a better way to start. We the Taxpayer pay all the saleries of the Federal Goverment, it’s time they start earning that pay. When you and I don’t do our job’s, we end up losing our job’s, what makes them any different.

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