2nd Amendment

I believe in the 2nd amendment, we all should have the right to bear arms. With that said, there is no place in society for Assault Weapons. The only place for these such weapons are, Law Enforcement and our Military, cause they are properly trained to use these weapons. I also believe the license process and the background checks need to be more thourough, as to make it very hard for an “emotional distraught” Individual to gain acsess to any weapon. The license process should include mandatory classes on how to operate and fire any weapon, a hunter’s saftey class, which will show not only respect of the weapon, but respect of your envirement. During this process, should also be mandatory for all weapons, when not in use, they should have the proper trigger locks and be locked in proper cabinets. When an emotional distraught individual breaks into a house known to have guns, this will deter them from gaining acess to these weapons. Legislation should be passed to heavily fine any weapon’s maker or dealer, for the sale of any assault weapon, to the general public. While we do this, we should also drastically change all Mental Health Facilities, in order to make it easier for us to get help for all “Emotional Distraught” Individuals, cut out all the “red tape”. When there is a crime comitted with a weapon, that weapon should be destroyed imediately, without any discussion. You want to get the Illegal weapons off the street, you make all Individuals that legally have them more responsible, by double locking them up in there houses, with trigger locks and a special locked gun cabinet. The 2nd Amendment is good, the 2nd Amendment works, just needs a refinement for today’s society.

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