A Society in Disconnect

In this current society we are connected, but very much disconnected toward each other. We are very connected with our smart phones, laptops, tablets, twitter, or facebook. We chat in chatrooms, text messageing, play video games online, etc…. We don’t interact face to face anymore, which brings in the disconnection, in order to be social with each other and be respectful or loving of each other, we need that Human face to face contact. It’s called being personable, when you are personable, you are more in tune with the feelings of all around you. When I was growing up as a child, we had no cell phones and video games was a Nintendo, that couldn’t go online, you just played games by yourself or a friend, as a second player. When we went out to play, it was with other neighborhood children, as we took part in pick up games of football, street hockey etc… That is what breeded being social and working together, to achieve a common goal. Today there is no more of that contact, now we communicate through Technology, which is done through solitude, of being by ourselves. We think we are being social, but we don’t have that face to face contact, that drives the Human Spirit. It’s that same contact, that keeps us in tune with other people’s feelings and love of one another, also show’s us how to be respectful of each other. The bottom line is, we are all victims of the Technology, that we come to be dependant on. The way we change this is, put down the Technology gadgets from time to time and fill our time with healthy activities, in which we can become connected with each other once again.

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