The Washington DC Power Game

Those Individuals of which we elect into office of our federal goverment, will always say what you want to hear, so they can win and go into office for their own agenda’s. They say they are working for us, but in reality they are their for themselves and play the “power game”. this includes the office of the President of the United States as well. Not only do they get elected by us Americans, but we also pay them from our tax money. Once they are in, they use deception in order to rise in the Power Game of the goverment, then they work the deals behind closed doors, that puts extra money in their pocket (under the table), not that we pay them too much already, cause they can’t even do the job correctly, they can’t work together for the benefit of America, they are always over spending, on a variety of items, they create unnecessary commitees, that do nothing but take more of our money. They pass bills that are worded only as a lawyer can word, so it don’t sound like more taxes, they always use hidden loopholes that only purtain to themselves, as to avoid the taxes that we have to pay, in essence, it’s all about the Washington DC “power game”. Those in which learn that game the quickest and best, benefit the most. When it comes to our elected officials saying “I am working for you”, that is a load of crap. What they are for real is “all about me”. This Power Game and this attitude, needs to change, if we are truely serious about “real change” and fixing America for the good of America, for many generations in the future and not leave them with major Debt, or sell out to the highest bidder. I still believe America is the best country on this planet, with a collective effort by all of us, we can do this, to make America strong once again.

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