Corporate America–vs–Real America

                       The start of the United States of America, was that it was supposed to be a free country, unlike that of old Russia, where you couldn’t go outside without asking permission  of the Government first. This is why the Declaration of Independence was written, so we could travel from state to state freely, as we wish. This is a Country built on Immigration, as our fore father’s came here from other countries, for a better way of life. Immigration is what built this Country into what it is today, it’s the “Illegal” Immigrants who are ruining the integrity of America and our core values. We all want a better life for ourselves and our children’s lives, that’s Human nature, we just need to do it in the right way, in which we all can enjoy this great Nation called, the United States of America. You also have the Corporate companies, who are all about greed and don’t care about who’s lives they ruin to achieve this greed. With this greed comes, digging into all our personal lives, in which to control us, so they become more powerful. With all the Social Media platforms out there like Facebook and Twitter, it makes it very easy for Corporate companies to get all this information on us, as we on a daily basis share our photo’s, play the Facebook games and like everything we see on these platforms. When you like certain things, you give all the Corporate companies valuable information for their databases, that they can either use against us, or use to sell us things, that they say we need. This is the Corporate way, so they in turn can get all the power, by making all the money, then buying all our elected officials, so Government will be in their corner and work against us the people. Government is suppose to be, “for the people, by the people”, this is the only way this Country will be free, like it was when the Declaration of Independence was written, back in the day of our fore fathers, when this country was free, this was the greatest Country on this planet. There is no reason why, we can not get back to this, not just for the future of America, but for the future of ourselves and our children. 

The Job Market

                               Today’s job market, is one of huge frustration. With so many people out there that have been laid off in the past, it is one of great competition. The job market is definately an Employer market, which allows them to be very picky. I get the fact you need experience, in your desired proffession, but when you have that experience, it will be used against you, as employers will not even give you a courtesy call, with a simple yes or no, instead they just assume that you won’t take a step back pay wise, in order to move forward with a more stable company and advance. Each in every company expect all of us jobseekers, to bend over backwards for them, in order to work in their company, but they won’t give the same common courtesy to each of us applying for their positions. No matter how many follow up’s you do, you never receive any kind of a response. This is the frustrating part of today’s job market. The other frustrating part is, alot of companies, advertise jobs on the job websites, then when you show up to apply, they say their not hiring? Companies also post on job sites, with a generic posting and don’t even give an address, or a company name, just an e-mail address to send a resume. I get the fact of companies not wanting to many job seekers to show up, but they won’t even give you a response of a simple yes or no, so the seeker knows one way or another. The problem in this society is, just like in the companies, there is no more common courtesy any more. everything is online and no more personalized face to face meetings anymore, which makes this society very disconnected and out of touch. If you want this society to grow, be stronger and be financially stable, this is where change needs to happen. 

Changes coming to Football

                        The Executive’s of the NFL, are looking to make some changes, that will make football less violent, to stop all the concussions in the game. You have a player, named Pollard, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens, that came out and said, “football won’t be around in 30 years”, if they change the game. This is the same guy that needs to look in the mirror, as against one team, the Patriots has put Brady with a torn miniscus, for a whole season, then took out Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Steven Ridley. Who know’s how many other player’s he has taken out or injured? Now if you want to change the game, with less risk of injury towards the player’s, I give you two ideas that will will make an immediate impact on the game. 1) Take out all player’s like Pollard, who are intent on playing the game to hurt other’s, to get that competitive edge on their opponents. 2) Set up a committee, that will go to each team in the NFL, of which they will show all player’s and coaching staff, the fundamentals of a clean hit. not launching themselves and leading with the head, but get in the 3-point stance, hit with the shoulder to the solo-plex, when this hit is done right, it won’t injure an Individual, but it will knock them off their feet, no matter how big the other Individual is. This way of hitting, will give you momentum and get at the QB for a sack. There is no need to change the way the game is played with new rules, if you follow these two simple steps. Kind of like a corporate company that puts in safety regulations, that help protect it’s employees. Football is a great game, as it’s all about strategy and teamwork, just two simple steps and Football will continue to be the great sport in which it is. 

The Bickering and Hatred of this World

                                In this Society of which we live, no matter where you go, there is so much hatred of one another, you walk into a diner or a coffee shop, to simply enjoy your morning coffee, or breakfast and all you hear is people bickering and complaining about anything and everything. The fact is, we are our own worst enemy, we think that our way is the best way, you drive down the roads and we think that we have the right of way regardless of the rules and signs, we all want to be first and get ahead of each other. In this world in which we live, it is only as strong as it’s current occupants. When you have all of us at each other with hatred, you will find that, this society in which we live will be troubled, as is present day. When we show more love and compassion towards each other and work together like a team, the strength of this World is endless. God did not create this planet in which we live, for us to hate and bicker between us, it’s time we show him, that we are worthy of this great planet of which we live. Think of all of us as one team, in the sports of life. You think the 2004 Boston Red Sox would of ended their 86 year drought of a Championship, if they didn’t pull together as a team and play as one? The answer is no. They were not the most talented team, but they won, cause they pooled their strengths, came together as one, now the rest is history. The same can be said of all of us on this planet, when we show more love, compassion and respect of one another, not only will we all be more happier in our lives, but God will also be happy and send us more sunshine, instead of bringing us rain, floods, national disasters and tradgedies. The time is now, it’s easier then you may think, it just starts with each and every one of us on this planet, in which we live.   


                       An Addiction is something learned, we all have in our minds addictive qualities, what makes an addiction wrong, is an event we have learned, as we grow up into society, that we let control our behavior. The most common addictions would be, Alcohol, Drugs and Sex. There are alot of other types of addictions like, being anal retentive, cigarettes, caffeine etc… To be in control of your Addictive qualities, we all have our own life-cycle that we develop from a young age, to our golden age, it’s this life cycle, that drives us to become what we are in society. What ever events happen to us from a young age, is what brings out our addictive qualities in our lives and as these qualities come out of us, we have to be able to recognize, the signs of our life-cycle, in which lead us to the deviant part of our life-cycles, so we can learn to control them and not them control us. There are a lot of negatives in this society, that can turn to positives, only when we recognize the signs of our life-cycles, learn to control our addictive qualities and not them control us. This is what makes up all of us as Human Beings, this is something we all deal with everyday of our lives. Some of us do the job and slide through life, some of us get lazy and make life harder then it has to be. Each of us in this society are in control of our destinies, so when we stay in control of our life-cycle, then we will all over come anything put in our way, no matter what degree of difficulties we encounter, it’s us that drive ourselves. 

Opening a Restaurant in today’s World

First and four-most, when opening any business, you have to expect to be married to that business, for a long while, work very long hours, in order to get established. You can’t expect to jump right in and make a fortune right away, you may not even receive a paycheck, for a year or more. When it comes to restaurants, there is alot to opening one, even before you pass papers or build the building. You need to research the town or city, in which you desire to be in, things like, what is the history of the town, what kind of people live in the town etc… You need to cater to locals first and fore-most, they are the one’s that will frequent your establishment, hence regular customer, as this will keep your bills paid. People that come from outside the town, will only come from time to time, if they had a good experience and they can be a good way of word of mouth advertising, which is the best kind of advertising. You need to create a menu, that cater’s to all Individuals, whether they like meat, or vegetarian eaters, just because you are a great cook at home for your family, it’s another thing to do it for other people, as a business, it’s a whole different animal, to please other people, on a daily basis everyday. With that said, you have to be able to accept criticism of others, on a daily basis. The food service business is the hardest business out there, some that do start out, don’t make it past 6-months, cause it’s a different beast then they expected, you need to be able to accept defeat as well as success. Food service business, can also be one of the most rewarding, when you survive the first 6-months, now into your first year, started developing a good following and everybody is saying great things of your establishment, the feeling inside is one that, well… you can’t really describe it unless you experience it, it is an awesome feeling. Food service industry is one of greatness, or one of failure, but if your willing to work hard, with alot of dedication and do the research required to have a successful establishment, it is one of the best industries to be involved in.

The Democrats Agenda

Being of someone who is an Independent, I tend to research each and every candidate, before I make my vote count. My research tells me, in this society of Republicans and Democrats, you have Individuals that have good charisma and are good at saying what you want to hear. A Republican doesn’t like to raise taxes, but will get rid of all entitlements, like social security etc… A Democrat likes to tax us greatly and squeeze a quarter out of a penny to do it. They are the master of doing this, but won’t say the word “TAX”, but will create words that sound good to us, like the word “investment”, but in a Democrats eye’s, they are really saying taxes. The other thing a Democrat does well, is spend way beyond their means. They will spend way beyond their budgets, and then when they can’t make their budgets no more, they raise our taxes, to make it work, and all the while they keep right on spending. This happens in both federal and state Governments. The way to fix the Fiscal Crisis we are in is, cut spending across the board, but this will never happen, cause each of our elected officials have their own Agenda’s, in which they want to hang on to, whether Republican or Democrat. So we the People, have to be smarter. How do we be smarter? During election time, we not only listen to all the candidates, we research their whole Agenda, we not only look into their eyes, we look through them and question them with questions that are very hard to answer, to basically put them on the spot, to see how they act in tough situations, then determine which candidate is best suited for the job. Unless we the people, test them before they get there, they will continue, to do what they do best like, get rid of entitlements, tax us, and spend us way beyond our means. Just remember if you make $50,000 a year, then you pay all your bills, take care of family and you only have left about  $10,000 in the bank, are you going to go out and buy a $200,000 vehicle? This is what our elected officials do to us every day and is what the Democratic Party is all about. This is what needs to change, if we want these Fiscal problems to go away. The time is now, for all the American people to stand up and vote in a smarter way, to stop wasteful spending, have elected officials that own up to their responsibilities and   work hard for the good of America and the American People.

Service Oriented Society

In today’s Society in which we live, we are in a service industry society. You hire a carpenter to remodel a room, he is giving you a service, you go to the local coffee shop to get your morning coffee, they are supplying you a service, or even when you bring your car to a shop, they are providing a service to you. With all these services that are out there, Customer service is a big part of that service. How many times have you gone into a coffee shop and got nothing but an attitude? how often do you go to the store, ask a question and the response is negative with an attitude? You would think in this Service Society, these companies would spend more time, training their employee’s in the art of Customer service. Even during the hiring process, being upfront with the Individual’s that, when dealing with a Customer, no matter how that Customer is, it’s the most important part of their job. Anybody dealing with people has the most difficult job of all jobs, because people differ from person to person. Someone could be having a bad day, come into your establishment and take it out on you, that’s when you have to step up to the plate, smile and give them good service no matter what, which may even change that person from unruly to very pleasant. Plus, like the old cliche goes, when one walks out unhappy, they tell ten and so on. It is very important to give good customer service at all costs, when you enter work for the day, check your attitude and emotions at the door, now your on job time. Companies need to more smarter, when training Individuals in the art of Customer Service, being more aware of what’s going on inside their workplace, cause in this Service Society, bad customer service, could hurt your business greatly. Not to mention, could turn this Society from one of negativity, to one of positive, which would be better for all of us.

Hurdles and Road Blocks

In ones life, there are many hurdles and road blocks in which we deal with, everyday of our lives. Some being minor, then some being major, it’s how we deal with them, that defines how we live our lives. Kind of like the “Train ride of life”. The Train starts out it’s journey, with all intact, motoring along, no worries and stress free. Then suddenly it starts to get turbulent and bumpy, the train derails off the tracks. Some of us, pick up the pieces and get right back on the train, still others will procrastinate, as the hurdles and road block gets bigger, some will give up, while other’s try to overcome the big hurdle, may take longer, cause we let the hurdle get bigger then it has to be, but over the long haul, with alot of hard work, we get back on that “Train Ride of Life”. No matter who you are, the quick fixer, or the procrastinator, or even the one who gave up, Life’s journey is a long one, full of hurdles and road blocks, it’s how you attack those hurdles, that will define you in life, then enjoy your “train ride”, into the future.

Honoring Great Americans

When we look at all true Americans, from the start of America til now, yes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should be acknowledged, but to have his own day? There are alot of American’s through the years of this great country, that have given so much more, in which we just plain forget about. MLK is remembered, not for his service to this country, but for something in which we today, tend to take for granted, or simply just forget. What he did for all of us is, the way he got his message across, that way was “Communication”. This simply way, is something in which we do not do today, Communication is what drives our country, the world and simply our everyday lives, with our jobs and our families. Martin Luther King knew this, to his credit he did this on a daily basis. He was 100% correct on the equality of all of us, no matter what color, creed, nationality, or religion, we are all Humans on this planet, that bleed red blood, have eyes, noses etc… there is no such thing as “Racism”, it’s just a term someone made up for an arguement. Until we all accept this, learn to live with and love one another, we will never see “real change”. The kind of change in which our Lord God, had envisioned for us, when he created this great planet. When I see Martin Luther King, I see a great communicator, that knew how to get his message across, but let’s not forget those great Americans, that have given so much more for us to keep our “Freedom”. America is full of great Individuals, which is why this is the greatest country on the planet.