The so-called Fiscal cliff

There is nothing wrong with the middle class and our economy. The problems lies within our elected officials. These people are so into themselves and so worried about what would happen to themselves, that they forget what their real reason they are in Washington DC. I blame the “all about “me” society” in which we live. This is the biggest reason why our elected officials can’t come together and agree on a plan in which helps this economy become stronger, for all us Americans to live. first and for most, in order to fix our debt, they need to fix wastful spending of our tax dollars, that is common sense, If every American household would spend beyond their means, you would have every American household go into Bankrupcy, thats a no-brainer. So in order for our elected officials to come together and fix this so called “cliff”, they need to lose the “all about me” attitude and do the job they were elected to do, which is work together, to help Americe become stronger then it has ever been. Stop thinking about yourself Washington DC and start thinking of all American people in this society.

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