Violence in our Society

In this Society today, violence is what everbody wants to see, providing that violence isn’t toward themselves. In Hollywood it’s what drives movie maker’s, cause it’s what makes them money. In the world of the Gamer’s, it’s what drives the sale of those games, so the software giants can make more of them and get richer. In the sporting world, it’s what put’s people in the seats, so the owners can make more money. You see the common denominator here? The money, there is to be made and it’s us common folk that pay it, which drives it further. If we common folk didn’t crave it and spend our money to see these things, then then all would have to change. With all that said, it’s a combonation of all the above, in which drives the “Emotionally Distraught” Individuals, to do what they do. In a nutshell, what we need to change to control this better, so others don’t die innocently, is the Mental Health facilities, so as to make it easier to get help to people that need it, before other tradgedies happen. This takes action, not a bunch of chit chat by our elected officials, that end up doing nothing, then we have another tradgedy, that brings more finger pointing. time is now for ACTION, the talking is done.

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