Society in which we live

Right now we live in a Society that is troubled and in need of some serious fixings. Throughout the evolution of Mankind, we have gone through some real big tragic events, events that have re-shaped all of Mankind. As we evolve and become smarter, it is that same smarts that troubles us, with all the technology and inventions that make our lives easier, its the Human brain that even the smartest scientists can’t figure out. the Human brain is the most complex of all computers, we have mass murders that take place by an “Emotionally Distraught” Individual. An Individual that before that has had no record, we know he kept to himself and anti social, but something made him plan this attack? We live in a Society that promotes TV shows in which makes fun of others to make ratings, which brings money. Those shows take away (for a moment) our own troubles, as we ourselves make fun of others. We also have others who falsify their documents, for their own gain. It’s our own arrogance that we are in this troubled Society, we all think our way is the only way and won’t listen to others around us. Call it pride? call it arrogance? whatever you call it, we need to fix this problem, or it will get seriously worse. We can go back in time, a time in which America wasn’t even discovered yet, and learn of the problems that Asia, or Europe went through, which caused some to get in a ship, in search of the new land. There are facts that because of our arrogance, we have disconstrued like, the true fact of “Slavery”, started in Africa, by other blacks, then was brought to America, the new land. In closing, we need to STOP all the hatred in this society and concentrate on spreading love, when you have a heart that is full of love, instead of the emptiness of hatred, you will see that this Society will turn around and be a “Great” place once again. Let’s all do some research on the History of Mankind, learn from that research and move on to a better future.

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