Christmas joy to all

Christmas season is about the celebration of life, God sent his son to guide us and spread love of one another. Even in the tough times, God is there with us to give us strength, he sends his Angels to guide us, he has his spirits watch over us. We may not see him, but he is there listening to us, this is the Christmas season, a time for us to spread our love of one another, it is not a time to spread hatred throughout this great planet. During a tragedy, that is not the time to be hateful or political, that is a time to reflect on good times and spread our love even more so. During this Christmas season I ask all of you to please spread the love, feel how good that feels and carry that throughout the year, everyday, stop all the hate and negativity, you will see that this planet will be a better place for all of us.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy future on Earth.

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