Tradgedy in our lives

In lew of the event in Sandy Hook, Conn. A devestating tradgedy felt across the Nation, but even more so in Sandy Hook, beyond our most wildest of imagination. Now we as Humans have to heal, we as Humans have to come together and be strong for those who are suffering the most. In tradgedy we go through a wide range of emotions, but the biggest emotion is how we deal with anger.

Some of do it in the form of Politics, which affects us for the wrong reasons, some of us do it by opening their hearts more then ever and showing love to all. A good way to show that love and support those of Sandy Hook, is not to attack the 2nd amendment, but to learn to see the signs of these Emotionally Distraught Individuals, stepping up to find them help, or get an official, so they can take the necessary steps in helping these Individuals. When we as Humans spread around our love of one another, instead of spreading the hate, that alone will make this Planet a better place and make this trend of tradgedies disappear.
May God Bless all my fellow Humans.

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