The True Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas season, calender wise happens only once a year, but the True Spirit of Christmas can happen 365days, 24/7, if you let it and you truely believe in love, support, family, good freinds and your “higher power”, which is a force deep inside all of us, that if you don’t unlock it, then it will stay hidden for ever. When alot of us are buried under all the pressure of stress this time of year, it is easy to lose sight and venture of the path of life, then we get so deep off the path we can’t see the light. When this happens all you need is, hope, belief, solid family values and good freinds. When feeling over whelmed, just step back, believe in yourself, communicate with those in which love you dearly and have faith in hope, to guide you back to the promise land. These characteristics in our lives are what make up the true spirit of Christmas, when you have all this, it is very easy to carry it throughout the whole year, everyday.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a very happy new year all year.

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