A Grand night for the Hurricane Sandy Victims.

On a night when all the biggest stars of music past, showed up with a big heart, to honor those victims. It was a great night, showing respect for groups and individuals, that until Sandy hit, were just ordinary people, that stepped up to the plate at time of need and hit a home run. We as Humans have these qualities in us everyday, but these qualities only come out after a tragedy, if we could show these qualities more in our everyday lives, this planet would be a much better place to live. More love and less hatred goes along way in all Humans, all over this Planet, working together in perfect harmony. With that said, it was a great night of entertainment for a great cause. The only thing in the night that was out of place, was Kanya West? REALLY??? Who’s idea was it to have him there? I know you want to please everybody and not offend people I get that, but Kanya West had no place being in a place where some of the best Artists were and sharing a stage with them. Instead of offending his type of people, you offended my type of people, which are the sane type, that make this world tick everyday. With all that said, it was a great night for those affected by Sandy and they will be in my thoughts and prayers, for a speedy recovery back into society.

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