The so-called Fiscal cliff

There is nothing wrong with the middle class and our economy. The problems lies within our elected officials. These people are so into themselves and so worried about what would happen to themselves, that they forget what their real reason they are in Washington DC. I blame the “all about “me” society” in which we live. This is the biggest reason why our elected officials can’t come together and agree on a plan in which helps this economy become stronger, for all us Americans to live. first and for most, in order to fix our debt, they need to fix wastful spending of our tax dollars, that is common sense, If every American household would spend beyond their means, you would have every American household go into Bankrupcy, thats a no-brainer. So in order for our elected officials to come together and fix this so called “cliff”, they need to lose the “all about me” attitude and do the job they were elected to do, which is work together, to help Americe become stronger then it has ever been. Stop thinking about yourself Washington DC and start thinking of all American people in this society.

Violence in our Society

In this Society today, violence is what everbody wants to see, providing that violence isn’t toward themselves. In Hollywood it’s what drives movie maker’s, cause it’s what makes them money. In the world of the Gamer’s, it’s what drives the sale of those games, so the software giants can make more of them and get richer. In the sporting world, it’s what put’s people in the seats, so the owners can make more money. You see the common denominator here? The money, there is to be made and it’s us common folk that pay it, which drives it further. If we common folk didn’t crave it and spend our money to see these things, then then all would have to change. With all that said, it’s a combonation of all the above, in which drives the “Emotionally Distraught” Individuals, to do what they do. In a nutshell, what we need to change to control this better, so others don’t die innocently, is the Mental Health facilities, so as to make it easier to get help to people that need it, before other tradgedies happen. This takes action, not a bunch of chit chat by our elected officials, that end up doing nothing, then we have another tradgedy, that brings more finger pointing. time is now for ACTION, the talking is done.

Society in which we live

Right now we live in a Society that is troubled and in need of some serious fixings. Throughout the evolution of Mankind, we have gone through some real big tragic events, events that have re-shaped all of Mankind. As we evolve and become smarter, it is that same smarts that troubles us, with all the technology and inventions that make our lives easier, its the Human brain that even the smartest scientists can’t figure out. the Human brain is the most complex of all computers, we have mass murders that take place by an “Emotionally Distraught” Individual. An Individual that before that has had no record, we know he kept to himself and anti social, but something made him plan this attack? We live in a Society that promotes TV shows in which makes fun of others to make ratings, which brings money. Those shows take away (for a moment) our own troubles, as we ourselves make fun of others. We also have others who falsify their documents, for their own gain. It’s our own arrogance that we are in this troubled Society, we all think our way is the only way and won’t listen to others around us. Call it pride? call it arrogance? whatever you call it, we need to fix this problem, or it will get seriously worse. We can go back in time, a time in which America wasn’t even discovered yet, and learn of the problems that Asia, or Europe went through, which caused some to get in a ship, in search of the new land. There are facts that because of our arrogance, we have disconstrued like, the true fact of “Slavery”, started in Africa, by other blacks, then was brought to America, the new land. In closing, we need to STOP all the hatred in this society and concentrate on spreading love, when you have a heart that is full of love, instead of the emptiness of hatred, you will see that this Society will turn around and be a “Great” place once again. Let’s all do some research on the History of Mankind, learn from that research and move on to a better future.

Christmas joy to all

Christmas season is about the celebration of life, God sent his son to guide us and spread love of one another. Even in the tough times, God is there with us to give us strength, he sends his Angels to guide us, he has his spirits watch over us. We may not see him, but he is there listening to us, this is the Christmas season, a time for us to spread our love of one another, it is not a time to spread hatred throughout this great planet. During a tragedy, that is not the time to be hateful or political, that is a time to reflect on good times and spread our love even more so. During this Christmas season I ask all of you to please spread the love, feel how good that feels and carry that throughout the year, everyday, stop all the hate and negativity, you will see that this planet will be a better place for all of us.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy future on Earth.

Tradgedy in our lives

In lew of the event in Sandy Hook, Conn. A devestating tradgedy felt across the Nation, but even more so in Sandy Hook, beyond our most wildest of imagination. Now we as Humans have to heal, we as Humans have to come together and be strong for those who are suffering the most. In tradgedy we go through a wide range of emotions, but the biggest emotion is how we deal with anger.

Some of do it in the form of Politics, which affects us for the wrong reasons, some of us do it by opening their hearts more then ever and showing love to all. A good way to show that love and support those of Sandy Hook, is not to attack the 2nd amendment, but to learn to see the signs of these Emotionally Distraught Individuals, stepping up to find them help, or get an official, so they can take the necessary steps in helping these Individuals. When we as Humans spread around our love of one another, instead of spreading the hate, that alone will make this Planet a better place and make this trend of tradgedies disappear.
May God Bless all my fellow Humans.

The True Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas season, calender wise happens only once a year, but the True Spirit of Christmas can happen 365days, 24/7, if you let it and you truely believe in love, support, family, good freinds and your “higher power”, which is a force deep inside all of us, that if you don’t unlock it, then it will stay hidden for ever. When alot of us are buried under all the pressure of stress this time of year, it is easy to lose sight and venture of the path of life, then we get so deep off the path we can’t see the light. When this happens all you need is, hope, belief, solid family values and good freinds. When feeling over whelmed, just step back, believe in yourself, communicate with those in which love you dearly and have faith in hope, to guide you back to the promise land. These characteristics in our lives are what make up the true spirit of Christmas, when you have all this, it is very easy to carry it throughout the whole year, everyday.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a very happy new year all year.

A Grand night for the Hurricane Sandy Victims.

On a night when all the biggest stars of music past, showed up with a big heart, to honor those victims. It was a great night, showing respect for groups and individuals, that until Sandy hit, were just ordinary people, that stepped up to the plate at time of need and hit a home run. We as Humans have these qualities in us everyday, but these qualities only come out after a tragedy, if we could show these qualities more in our everyday lives, this planet would be a much better place to live. More love and less hatred goes along way in all Humans, all over this Planet, working together in perfect harmony. With that said, it was a great night of entertainment for a great cause. The only thing in the night that was out of place, was Kanya West? REALLY??? Who’s idea was it to have him there? I know you want to please everybody and not offend people I get that, but Kanya West had no place being in a place where some of the best Artists were and sharing a stage with them. Instead of offending his type of people, you offended my type of people, which are the sane type, that make this world tick everyday. With all that said, it was a great night for those affected by Sandy and they will be in my thoughts and prayers, for a speedy recovery back into society.

The World of a Chef

A Chef is a very creative person, he is one that takes a wide range of product and creates a flavorful meal, for all to enjoy. The Chef’s tool in the restaurant is the menu, he creates a succulent menu with pride and knowledge of each ingrediant he uses. When he writes a menu, it should tell the customer a story of himself and the resteraunt of which he works. The motovation behind the Chef’s action, comes from each customer, as he puts a happy smile on their face with each of his creations.