Post Colorado tradgedy, knowing the human mind.

            Prayers go out to all involved in the Colorado tradgedy, a situation in which was planned by the shooter, but was not known to those who thought they were going to enjoy a new Batman movie. Each and every one of us as Human beings on this planet have our own minds, of which there is no way of knowing what others have in their minds, or do we know what they are thinking of, except for that individual himself. This is what makes each of us unique in our own way, its unfortunate that some think of hurting others, while others never think of such gruesomeness. All Scientists will tell you that the Human brain is the most complex to examine and still today they have no answers of which how it operates. A Human body has most of its features that are equal, but when it comes to the human brain or mind, these are very different and most complex, which is why we as Humans are so unique of all creatures on this planet. As some of us try to figure out why? we will never know the why? but we may try to figure out the why, but unless you can read minds (which nobody can), you will never know the why of which makes some of us do what we do.

            There may be some factors or signs in which to look for, in trying to avoid these situations in the future and that may be humans who suddenly distent themselves from society, which leads to a sort of depression, but what are they thinking as this happens? We will never truely know that question, like the loss of a loved one, we as humans grieve in different ways, some don’t show emotion, some pull back from others, some put up a front in which puts them in depression in private, still others go on with life like nothing happened, this is what makes us the most unique creature on this planet.

             Yes we are Human Beings and a Human Being is a creature of this planet, much like lions, tigers and bears etc… The best way to figure out the question of why? is not to figure out the answer, but to understand the how. The how anybody could do such a tradgedy to their fellow Human. When dealing with the Human mind, we may never fully know how it ticks, but if we look at other things like being in denial, we may be able to understand the why much better. Denial is a beast that we all have inside us, some of us unleash the beast more so then others, Denial forces us to supress our feelings deep down inside, instead of dealing with those feelings, as you supress them you are sub conciously telling yourself all is fine, when actually they are not. Then later in life certain actions in life, bring that beast out once again, which causes you to do things in which you normally wouldn’t do, Denial is the Beast within all of us, that needs to be tamed so we can understand the human mind much better. It don’t matter who you are in this society, when you are in denial, you are unleashing that beast from deep inside ourselves. It is that beast that causes you the human to do things in which you would never do, the best way to deal with that beast is stay out of denial and deal with all personal/life problems head on and nip them in the bud, instead of supressing them. What you are actually doing is putting them of til later, then that later becomes so much greater then dealing head on. It’s like a procrastinator putting things off til another time, then when that time comes, the problem is much bigger then it should be. Denial is a beast within us all, its how we deal with denial on how the beast is released.

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