Today’s world full of hatred/love

                  I am writing this from the heart. In today’s world there is too much hatred and not enough love. We all need to love more, even our enemies. When we love our enemies they will go away, cause they will learn that can not hurt us anymore. We are trained to hate, through the media, our everyday lives and it is up to us as individuals, to do with it as we see, for we are all humans. We bleed red blood, eat from our mouths, smell from our noses, hear from our ears, think and make decisions from our brains and we let the hatred control us. We all need to learn to love the right way, like being kind to our neighbors, being courteous, being truthful and honest to one another and simply being ourselves, for who we are and not being something or someone in which we are not. It all starts from within ourselves, digging down deep and releasing that higher power in which we all have inside us and bring out the love, replace it with the hate, keep the good hate handy, for it will help us get better and stronger as individuals. This will take some effort on our part and some people today won’t put the effort in, as they want the easy way in everything, but in the long run, it will be very much worth it, not just to the world, but to us as individuals, it will also make all of feel 100% better inside and out.

               We can do this, it will take some time, but it can be done. When it happens then you can see results like, crime going down, less drug use(alot of people use to escape reality), people working with each other more, no more fighting and why might you ask? We will have higher self esteems and feel much better about ourselves and those around us. Then once the good comes out, you will see the likes of Terrorism slither away, like the snakes they are.

              Instead of looking for the bad in your fellow man, in order to make yourself look good. Look for the good and then we all can prosper in this new and greater world in which we live.

Good luck my fellow Humans, on this planet

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