Dealing with Terrorists/Bullies

                  My feeling is, we need to change the way we are fighting terrorists, instead of going to war. We should look at a Terrorist much like a high school Bully. What is a high school Bully? It is a person or person’s, in which is a coward, that strives on inflicting fear on their victims. A Bully will terrorize you, to get something out of you by, beating you, threatening you or even stalking you, to put the fear in God in you. Which they usally pick on the weak, like when an animal hunts for his pray for his dinner. The result is, you are afraid to go out of your house, when you do you take a different route all the time to avoid that person, you end up getting depressed and start second geussing yourself, thinking why me? in the end the Bully keeps doing it more cause it makes him/her feel powerful. A Bully and a Terrorist are very much alike, as they go about inflicting fear in all of us.

                  Combating Terrorism is very much the same way as combating a Bully and that is, you stand up to that person/person’s, look them in the eye and put the fear of God back into them. When you do this, you will see them cower away like the coward they are. They may try new ways, but if you stick to your ways, they will see they can’t inflict fear in you anymore, in which they will slither away, like a snake in the grass.

                   The way we dealt with Bullies growing up, along with our father’s and their father’s, will be the aid we need in combating the most fearsome of all Bullies and that are the Terrorists.

Good luck my fellow Americans

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