The sound of silence


Sometimes within our daily grinds, as we walk our paths of this journey, we need times like this, so we can be at peace and recharge, which clears the clouds of our judgments and gives us a boost to keep moving forward, without letting all the crap solidify within us. When you let go of all the crap within you, then you can truly focus and hear the heartbeat of mother nature, a heartbeat that will soothe your mind, body, and soul so you then can truly hear your true inner self, get back in touch with who you truly are, while getting back in touch with your true feelings and emotions.

You see what is going on within the world today, all the hatred, the corruption, the deceit, the so-called Elite trying to get all the power and money over the rest of us and without any of us knowing of what they are doing. The opinions are everywhere and we all have them, but with all the opinions, the chatter becomes so loud it will give you a migraine, Some with their opinions will give a whole lot of lip service and promise the world, but then never make good on the promises. It is a dog eat dog world out there, except, it is really ” all about me now and screw you later”.

The media is a prime example of this, as there are no more true Journalists out there because they have become a puppet to an even bigger puppeteer, they are told how to write and when to write for the agenda of the puppeteer when they are part of a press briefing or a press conference, they can’t come up with their own questions, as they are told what to say and when to say it, then when their hatred of someone runs deep, they will do, say and twist their words to the point that it becomes nothing but ” Fake News”, as they then sell that fake news to whoever will buy it and believe everything that they hear or read. The media may think they are smarter than the rest of us, but I have a News Flash for them, their secret is transparent and we the real Americans can see right through their strings from the puppet to the puppeteer.

Just as this virus has gone viral throughout this society around the world, so has all the greed, the corruption, and the hatred, there are some who want all the money and power so much, they will do whatever they can to achieve this and they simply do not care for who they hurt or walk all over to get it. With all this corruption, hatred and greed, after a while, the lies and the deceit get hard to keep up with, but you then bury a huge part of who you are deep within, so you can carry on with your lifestyle, that you think is second to none? If only we all could experience this sound of silence within nature, I mean truly listen to the sounds of nature and let the weights of the world just melt away from your body, then very true that you will hear the true sounds, you will hear the heartbeat of mother nature all around you, you can even hear Jesus answering your prayers as you gaze into the deep horizon staring right back at you, as we step out within mother nature and totally experience the sounds of silence, then as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we can do so much easier, being true to who we are and as we become better and stronger moving forward.


” Step out within nature become one with nature and truly listen to her heartbeat”


” its a dog eat dog world, so could you pass the mustard and relish”

The Heart is the key

” The Heart is the key of life, as the water cleanses everything as it flows along it’s Journey”

There are so many signs all around us from Jesus Christ, just that within this fast paced and broken society, the clouds of the journey, have blocked our sights of truly seeing what is around us. There is no where to turn from this Political world of today, not even within the walls of the house of God, it is kind of sad in a way, simply because, this is suppose to be the place of safety for us all, a place where we leave all the crap outside, so we can clear the cobwebs, be at peace with God, as we ask him to forgive us for our misfortunes, so we can keep moving forward, along this crazy world we live today. The house of God is our comfort zone that will help us feel at peace, so we can move forward with joy, I blame each one of us, as we have become our own worst enemies within this crazy world, I blame the fact that, no one takes the time to truly heal anymore, because we think we are perfect and all else is wrong? How can you help fix what is around you, when you can’t even fix yourself first? This is what our legacies of this society have become, and it is time we all come together to first fix ourselves, so we than can help fix each other, as we all can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

Too many have walked away from the house of God today, this is the sad reality of our world. Instead we try to keep moving forward like we know best? The biggest thing from not entering the house of God is, our Hearts have become tired, I am not saying it needs sleep, it is tired from not allowing Jesus’s blood to warm it with his love, when the blood of Jesus travels through our Hearts, this is when we all stay true to who we are, without giving into temptation, and becoming someone for who we are not. Love, respect, dignity, gratitude, these are the things that, we gain through our peace and love of one another, as we keep the love of Jesus flowing through our Hearts, not too mention, our hearts will never have the feeling of being tired and we can all move forward in the peace and joy, that Jesus showed us when he walked his path here with us, throughout this journey of life.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, this is the peace, love joy and hope that helps us begin a new, so we can keep moving forward better and stronger. As Christmas time approaches closer, and we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, may we all remember that, when we knock on the door of the Inn and it has no vacancy, there will always be a vacancy when we truly open our Hearts to the blood of Jesus, We will never feel tired from the long journey, as our Hearts keep beating with the love of Jesus within it. Our Hearts only feel tired, because we let it feel tired, as we get so caught up in all the craziness of today, This journey may be longer for some than others, but when we let our Hearts become tired, now we all let this journey become even shorter than it really has too. The Heart is the key, which is why we need our place within the walls of the house of God, so we all can be at peace, truly feel the love, as we now feel true joy, which gives us all great hope moving forward. When we keep to these four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), Then we all shall gain the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to be better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

Now I am not saying that we all need to get within the house of God every Sunday? The doors all always open during the week as well, so you can enter and worship in your own leisure as well. God is never demanding, he has no set of rules, unlike what we have to follow within our nine to fives, but when we all truly feel the blood of Jesus within our Hearts, then our Hearts will always be open to recieving the four pillars of life, the love, the peace, the joy and the hope, as we all keep moving forward, being truly of who we are, without being this fake self, that does nothing but keep the craziness and the ugliness all around us. Unlike what some may feel in this society, this journey is never about the me’s, it is always for each one of us, all day, everyday, Yes the paths may be different, as we all chose our own paths, and yes we all can make the wrong chioces from time to time, but when we truly keep to who we are, when we truly feel the blood of Jesus warming our Hearts and Souls, when we keep the house of God as ir should be, which is our safe zone away from all the ugliness, now we all can keep to the four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), as we all move forward in, the respect, dignity and gratitude, which helps us be better and stronger, everyday throughout this journey of life.

” The four pillars of life are, love, peace, joy and hope, so we all can have the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to move forward better and stronger”

” When our Hearts feel the warmth of the love of Jesus, then we all feel Jesus within us, leaving no room at the Inn for any ugliness or craziness”

Now we are on to Christmas

” The magic of Christmas, will always be there for us all, we just need complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, to let the true magic happen, as the hope will always bring us great prosparity”

This time of year can bring great happiness, as well as bring great pain also. To some who have not let themselves truly heal from the bumps and bruises, or the twists and turns that their paths of this journey will bring, with that pain comes great depression, that will change you in all the wrong directions. Depression is within us all, so if we do not address it the right way, it then will eat you up from the inside, it will change you in a negative way, that keeps alive all the pain and hurt, that we try so hard to hide from one another. This time of year, where the Christmas spirit thrives in us all, can also bring us great pain and extinguish all the magic, it is suppose to bring us all and away from all the positivity that we thrive to prosper, moving forward.

The true Christmas spirit lives within us all, it is always there no matter what time of year it is, just that Christmas being the birth of Jesus Christ, we only then will associate Christmas with Christ. Until we as the people of this society grow up correctly, learn from the error of our ways, so that we can move forward better and stronger, this is how we all will truly feel the true Christmas magic. With the true Christmas magic, we then will truly feel the blood of Jesus flowing through and warming our hearts with love, as in this society, our hearts have become cold, giving Satan the power to control us and bring us in the wrong direction. Satan will be there to tempt us into the darkness of his world, especially when our hearts have turned cold, which is why we always need to resist all temptations, so the true spirit of Christmas, will always warm our hearts with the blood and love of Jesus, so we then will share that warmth with each other, this is the true Christmas magic, of which it is not just for this time of year, it is for all the year, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his path of this journey here with us, just that it was so long ago, that there are way too many, that have lost sight of and lost the true faith in Jesus Christ. So many have walked away from the house of the Lord, and with that faith, have lost sight of any hope moving forward. Just as Satan has his darkness, Jesus also has the light of salvation, some may refer to this as good versus evil, however you may see it. It is still the darkness of Satan and the light of Jesus Christ. We get tempted by many things as we walk our paths, as we should never give in to the temptation, just because it may seem as the thing to do at the time? Never take for granted anything along your path, I get that temptation from the darkness can and will be very hard to pass up at times, but if we stick to who we truly are, within the light of salvation, then the blood and the love of Jesus will never let our hearts turn cold. I get that Denial is a strong force, that once it has it’s grasp on you, it becomes very hard to escape that grasp, but with the true faith in yourself, as well as Jesus Christ, that grasp that denial has on you, will lighten up, and let you go from within the darkness, which then you may get back to who you truly are, within the love of Jesus Christ.

This journey through life is only as hard as you make it, Yes there will be many temptations that will distract us along the way, but when we never lose sight of the light of salvation that Jesus brings to us, never lose the faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus Christ, then there will always be great hope right there in front of us. Right now we all walk within the darkness of Saten, it then becomes on us all, to truly see the light that is in front of us, so we can escape the darkness, and step into the light, which will bring us all, the true happiness and peace, that Jesus showed us along his journey here with us. When the Blood of Jesus flows through your hearts and souls, it is then that we truly feel his love for us, and it is then we realize, that we need to share that love, so now all that is around us, can also feel that love, as we now escape the darkness, and into the light of salvation, To regain the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, which then brings us the hope, to enter into the happiness and the peace, that this journey is all about.

The magic of Christmas is within us all, it is not just about a time of year, as it is always about the whole year moving forward. The true magic comes from the faith of ourselves and in Jesus Christ, So through the temptations of Satan is when we lose this faith, that then we lose all hope, simply because the two come hand and hand. When we walk this journey correctly, then any dakness then becomes temporary, as we will never lose the light and even better, we will never lose the faith, which gives us great hope moving forward. So now as we enter into another Christmas season, may we never let the magic of Christmas go at seasons end, may we carry it within us all year, as we walk our paths through this journey, never losing sight of the light, never losing sight of the true faith of ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, keeping alive all the hope, bringing us all the peace and joy, we all so deserve.

” The faith and hope go hand in hand, as you can not have one without the other”

” The true magic is within all of us and it may come out at Christmas, the birth of Christ, but it is always within us all year, every year”

” The journey of life with many twists and turns as we all walk our paths through it”

The World we all live today

” He became the Author of eternal salvatiion to all who obey him”

Hebrews 5:9

” I urge you, as Aliens and Strangers in the World, to abstain from sinful desires”

Peter 2:11

We are all on this journey through life together, true we may take our own paths, but this journey is all the same for each of us. We all start out the same, and we all end this journey the same as well, just that the middle can and will be very different from one to another, only because of the paths we chose and the fact that, we become so clouded in our judgments, that we will alienate ourselves from each other, as we think we are alone, walking through this journey of life.

This picture is of Martin Richards, he was taken from this World, as an eight year old boy, while he and his family were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and watching all the runners finish this grueling race. The two twisted Individuals that placed two bombs at the Marathon on this very sad day, had placed one bomb within a backpack and at the feet of this sweet young boy, of which Martin and his family had no idea of what was to come? This sign Martin is holding with this quote of his, needs to go very viral within this society, and as fast as it can go, because what we are doing in this world, has even Jesus himself, crying upon all of us, which is why we have had so much rain this year. Martin may have been eight years old, but in a lot of ways, was very much more mature than most within this society today. These words of his must never be forgotten, and should be within the minds of us all, as in this broken society today, we don’t even give a second thought to hurting each other and bringing great pain to each other as well. This is a sad world we live today, but it can become happy, if only we learn from our past experiences and take the proper action to fix them moving forward with each step, of this journey through life.

I get the fact that as we walk our paths of this journey, there will be many bumps along the wy way, that will bruise us and knock us down, but it then becomes how we pick ourselves up from the bumps, dust off the ugliness, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward better and stronger with each step. Sometimes it will take a bit longer to dust ourselves off, as some of the bruises will bring some deep scars, that will never go away, but let’s remember that the scars shouldn’t dictate our journey, only they should remind of where we came from, how we healed from the fall, to get to the place we are now. Sometimes there will be others that take advantage of, when we are hurting the most, they will try to control us to where we lose total confidence in ourselves and become dependent on them? This is the world we live today, it has become a world full of, control, power and greed, where we all now are afraid to show our love of one another, as Jesus did when he walked his path, of this journey here with us.

There are some of our so called leaders now, that have been within the walls of Washington DC for way to long, as we ourselves are the ones to blame for this, simply because, we let them control us, as we want nothing to do with voting them out, to replace them with better ideas for us all. It is our actions today that have gotten us into this mess, as it then becomes our actions to get us out of this mess also. Now it is very hard for us to take the proper actions, when we are letting those leaders divide us, it is very hard to take proper actions, when we ourselves need to heal ourselves moving forward, so we can wake up out of the clouds of our judgments, wake up out of the denial that has consumed our souls, so we than can get back to true reality and not this fake reality, that some are leading us into. We will never get back to being of truly who we are, if we keep on the same path we are now? I get that sometimes others will tempt you into a path and direction, that you do not want to walk, this is where the confidence that is within each of us comes into play, but if we never let that confidence out, then we will never be of who we truly are.

Right now we are in very troubling times, these so called leaders who are totally in denial, want all the power, control and greed of everything in this society, and we as the people of this society are letting them? They are stripping us all of our rights, and not just the rights we have within the constitution of these United States, they are stripping us of our God given rights as well, with everything they do is the only way and you need to do as I say? God sent his only son in Jesus Christ, to walk through this journey with us, as that society then, was very similar to now, the only difference being all the technology we have today. Now with this technology you think we all should be smarter? But in a lot of ways, we have gone backwards and have become even dumber than those of that time.

It is never too late to take the proper action to fix what is needed, it is never to late to have complete faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, because when we have that faith, then there will always be hope moving forward, throughout this journey of life, no matter what path you may be walking. This society only proves just how much we all have lost faith in everything around us, leaving us all with no hope in our sights. We can do this and we can come together in unity, even as some will take action against this. The fight may seem very tough, but it really is not, just that we all within this society need to be together on the same page and off the page from those that want to destroy us and what we may think is normal? The fight may seem as if it is unwinnable? but there is no fight that can not be won, we just have to engage this fight together in unity, as there is strength in numbers, when we stay as an Individual, then these so called leaders will keep on doing as they do, and stepping on us at evey turn, then forcing us into a world we will never reckognize, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” Actions speak louder than words, as this society is a society of the wrong words with no action”

” In order to have any hope, we need total faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ”

So many changes with each view

” No matter how many times you look at the scenery within mother nature, there is always something different to see”

” The beauty of mother nature is all around us as we walk through this journey, we just have to truly look deeply at what we see within her”

There is so much to see within mother nature, the key is, to get out and enjoy the view and stop getting caught up in all the Rhetoric and the biterness, that this society will bring. These pictures are two totally different pictures from each other, they are both in two very different places as well, but the two you will never experience, if you do not step out of your comfort zone and experience all the beauty for which they bring. The water so calm and smooth, like a mirror that is laid out to capture the reflection of what is around it, The water looks as if you can step out onto it and walk across to the other side? Just as Jesus did, when he was walking on the water, showing the Fishermen that anything is possible, only if you have the true faith and belief to do what you want. Yes this water can change as the weather changes, bringing the storms, the wind and the rain, but with the same faith and belief, you will get through the storm and get back to the calm, which brings the peace and the serenity, throughout this journey of life.

The other picture is so very different, and to get to this lake, you need to work with each step, so you can see all the beauty of this lake. This is a lake nestled within the mountains, so nestled, that if you do not know it is there, you will never be able to see the beauty of this lake. Sometimes to see the true beauty, you first need to put in the work, so the reward of your work, can be as beautiful, as the actual beauty itself. No matter which picture you look at, there will be many changes to the view, with each trip, because mother nature is always changing the landscape, to entice us to keep getting out and enjoying her beauty. Now each of these pictures are of two very different places, just that I can not say, as these places I enjoy very much as they are, so I can keep going to the peace and serenity they hold, besides you may try to geuss at the where a bouts of the two, that is fine, as I can share no matter what.

Mother nature has many changes she brings to us all, just as we the people go through many changes as we walk our paths of this journey. change is something that comes to us all in many ways, if you do not embrace the change and except the change, then each step of your path, will be that of, pain and hurt, simply because, you stay hiding within, as all the rest, adapt to the changes and keep moving forward. Nothing will ever stey the same, everything will go through many changes, so unless you except and adapt to the changes, you then get left behind, spinning your wheels with no true direction in which to go. As much as we of this society may think, that this is all a race to get to a place or places? This is not what this journey is about, It is more about the excepting and adapting of the changes, so we can keep moving forward within this journey, as we thrive to get to the path of righteousness, that Jesus showed us, when he came and walked his path here with us.

This journey is not a race, this journey does not measure success as well, success is only something we of this society put on each one of us, some may think true success is all about having all the power, control and greed? I beg to differ, true success depends on who you are and how happy you are along your path. To walk through this journey with the true peace and serenity, you do not need all the power, control, or the greed, because with these three things, they can make you very lonely, and never be a peace with zero serenity, because now you become too busy to enjoy any kind of beauty, that may be around you.

Just like back in the days when David slew the Giant, everybody laughed because they thought David was too small? But as David prooved them all wrong, what you will truly see when you look deeper into that action is, David had the true faith and belief in himself, as well as Jesus Christ, which helped him take down the Giant, This is the same faith and belief that we of today, can take with us as we walk our paths of this journey, so we than can achieve the success, to have the peace and serenity with each step, as we see all the true beauty of mother nature. Yes mother nature can show her fury with the storms that may cross our paths, this has nothing to do with any kind of climate change? This is how mother nature will make her changes, so we than can enjoy even more of her beauty. The fury of mother nature has nothing to do with any of us, even though some may try to sell it that way? This is nothing more than accepting the changes that are coming, so we can enjoy even more of the beauty to come.

When you walk through this journey with style and grace, accepting of all the changes before you, then adapting to those changes properly, so you can have the true success within, without worrying about any other success, that some may try to shove in your face, and with the true faith and belief in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, now you can truly see all the beauty around you, which brings you into the peace and the serenity as well. Some may think that they will never achieve any kind of success? So they then become like a sheep, as the Shepard leads them along their journey, I mean don’t get me wrong, not everybody can be a Shepard, but we also do not have to settle to be a sheep either. We all chose our paths of this journey, and by no means, does this mean, that we should have others chose how we walk this jourtney for us. Now very true that there may be some rules and laws we have to follow, that is fine cause if there were not, then there would be way too much chaos for us all. Also true that with these rules and laws, there are some that think they are above them? There is no one that is above any laws and rules along this journey, The only one is Jesus as he leads us into the path of righteousness, for us all to be at peace with the serenity along our paths.

The beauty within these pictures really isn’t that beautiful, but when you see it in person, with your own eyes, and especially when you have put in the work, now this is what experiencing the true beauty is all about. You may walk a trail to get to the reward of that trail, but there is also some work to do along the trail, just like walking your path of this journey, you first have to put in the work, to get to the reward, to truly experience all the beauty that is around you. Then with each trip along the trail, will bring many changes as well, so if you never accept, or adapt to any of the changes, this will also have you totally miss out, on all the true beauty as well. Change is something we will all face no matter of who you are, which then brings the problem of, accepting and adapting to whatever the change is properly, so we than can move forward, with as little missteps as we can. This is the biggest issue in this society, there are some that think, this journey is only for them and the rest of us, need to only follow them, because they are our leaders, when in reality, they are just as mixed up, as anyone, who hasn’t walked this journey correctly. True success comes from within, and should never be passed from one to another. We all bring our own qualities to this society, as well as toward each other, there is no one except Jesus that can dictate how we walk our paths of this journey, and when we do not adapt to any of the changes properly, this is where all the ugliness of Satan will come before us. Satan will tempt us into the darkness, and if we are not ready, we will follow this temptation, as now we will become the sheep, being lead in the wrong direction. When we truly follow our own hearts, truly feel the warmth of the blood of Jesus traveling through our hearts, we will always resist the temptation of satan, as we then skip the sheep part, to truly walk this journey with a purpose and reach the true happiness and serenity that it brings.

This journey is not a race, it’s not about getting ahead of one another, and it’s really not about being a sheep or a shepard? This journey is totally about following your own heart and feeling the warmth of the blood of Jesus traveling through it. When you put in the work, truly be of who you are, there will be so much beauty all around you, but when you let your heart go cold, become lazy to the work, now you are letting Satan tempt you into the darkness, which has all the chaos and the ugliness, with no sight of anything being of beauty. This society of today, is totally on each of us, as we have fallen off the track of reality, we have let Satan tempt us into the darkness, and as we have lost sight of the light of salvation, for who Jesus Christ is all about. Yes we can get back to the light of Jesus Christ, but first we need to accept and adapt to all the change correctly, have complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so as our hearts become warm once again,and as we then follow our hearts, into the peace and serenity, which holds all the true beauty that is around us all, so now we all can be at the true peace and serenity along our paths we chose, throughout this journey of life.

” This journey through life is not about being in a race or getting ahead of anyone, its of having the true faith and belief for all you do with your time here”

” As the magic of the holiday season comes upon us, with the miracles of Christmas time,may we all see the light of salvation and step out of the darkness of Satan”

The grandeur of the mountains

” When Jesus saw that he answered with understanding, he said to him, you are not far from the kingdom of God”

MK 12:34ab

Just as there are many mountains, as well as many views of the mountains, it is not just of how you conquor the quest to the summit of the mountains for which you embark on, as it is more about, how you yourself learn from your experience, with each step to the summit of the mountain. There are many mountains big and small, for each of us to embark on, but that is the key here, we first have to embark on the climb, so we than can gain confidence in ourselves, as we move forward in the climb.

The understanding of why we climb that mountain, is deep within each of us. Just like the love of Jesus Christ is within us as well. The problem then lies with each of us, as we simply do not take the time to truly understand anything anymore. Within this crazy world of today, most will embark into the white mountains of New Hampshire, to climb mountains just to post in a Facebook page called, ” I climbed the 4,000 footers club”, I am not saying this is wrong, but when you embark on a climb just to post to a page, then you are totally missing out on the true meaning, of embarking on the climb of a mountain. To trek up any mountain is a great accomplishment for anyone, but if you never truly understand what it takes for the climb, not too mention the getting yourself ready, mentally and physically, then you will never understand what is truly around you, with each step of the climb. Yes, the goal of any mountain climb is to reach the summit of that mountain you climb, but if you never have a true understanding of any hike you embark on, then each step then becomes lost, as you walk this journey through life.

Some may look at a mountain and never see the grandeur of the mountain? We of this society are moving so fast through this journey, we never take the time to truly understand anything of what is passing us by. Now I get the fact that there are a lot that are hurting real pain and never take the time to understand that pain to truly heal from it, for the fact that, they do not want others to see them in their time of weakness. We all as we walk our paths of this journey, will go through some trying times, these times will totally change us in ways that we never take the time to understand. Because we never take the time to understand the why’s, this is when we all stay within our own bubbles, just so we can try to keep moving forward to escape the pain? The pain and hurt will always be there, until we take the time to understand of why we let ourselves get into this mess, so we can then truly heal moving forward. There is no one that is perfect in this society, and those who say they are? Well now this is the first lie you say along your path, once the first lie is said, then we now think we can get away with more, as each lie then becomes bigger and bolder.

Throughout this journey of life, we all will succomb to many issues, whether these issues are are brought on by we ourselves, or whether from another, really doesn’t matter, what matters most is, we do not let these issues steer us in the wrong directiion along our paths, and become someone for who we truly are not. Some issues are huge, as some are just a blip on the radar, none the less, they are still an issue that we need to truly understand, so we can move forward, with as little a hiccup as we can. It is all about ” understanding”, and in todays society, we do not take the time to understsnd anything, even if it will make us better moving forward. There are so many issues that will rear their ugly heads at us like, a sickness, an addiction, or even our own ego’s, to name a few, and there is no one in this society, that is immune to any of the issues, as we all have suffered with something along their path of this journey. When we do not take the time to understand the issues that come to us, the way we then handle these issues is, we then bury deep within, our true feelings and emotions, which then we also bury the love of Jesus that passes through our hearts, also deep within, which explains why we have become so cold toward each other, and also why we post a picture of the summit of the mountain to a social media page, without truly understanding of the why we took to the climb in the first place.

There are so many issues that will cross our paths, that we will never talk of them, simply because we do not want to admit to our weaknesses, which is why we forget that, the first step to getting over any issue, is the understanding of the issue, and then the talking of the issue, to not just understand it better, but to heal properly of the pain and the hurt, that the issues will bring. There is no time frame for when the issues will come to us, some may be affected early on in the journey, while some later in the journey, So as you look deeply into any issue, you will clearly see that it will affect our child within first, which then gets to our exterior, as we then try to hide it from all those around us. These issues, whether big or small, will come with great pain and hurt, as we then alienate ourselves from those around us, because we do not want others to see us in our time of weakness, we then put up this totally fake self, with a totally fake smile, that will portray us as strong, when we are really hurting deep within. It is the understanding of what is around us, that helps us keep moving forward better and stronger throughout this journey, and when we keep moving so fast in this society, we will never understand anything that may come before us, as we walk our paths, through this journey of life.

Some of us may say we have all the answers? But how can you have all the answers, if you do not truly understand what it is you have the answers to? Some may go hike a mountain, just to post to a page on their social media, so if you never understand what happened or what you saw before you took that picture, then what good was it that you hiked up that mountain? Some may struggle with an issue in their lives and try to keep moving forward, so why keep moving forward without understanding the issue, so you then can move forward and not only heal from the issues, but move forward in true peace and happiness. We are all struggling in so many ways, but in this fast paced society, we keep moving with blinders on, just to keep from truly understanding anything, as we walk this journey within this society. Still some say they pray to Jesus everyday, but then say he never answers their prayers? How do you know he does not answer, if you never truly understand the process of what Jesus is all about? There is so much within this society that we never come to understand, simply because we have stepped up on the super highway and never take the time to understand anything? Jesus came to this journey for each one of us, he died on this journey for us all as well, it is how he walked his path, that if we truly understood, then we would totally understand his words within the scripture for us all to read, but if we are moving too fast and never take the time to understand anything, then how do we read anything also? The theme within this society today is a sorrowful one, it is a theme that we all need to change, before there is nothing to change for? We all are hurting in many ways, but if we never truly understand why we hurt, then how can we truly heal from the hurt? If we all keep operating within our own bubbles, then how can we come together in unity? If we all bury the love of Jesus with our true feelings and emotioins deep within, then how can we truly heal from any issue, let alone move forward better and stronger.

The many views of the mountains are just like what we go through along this journey, and when we do not truly understand for what we are looking at, then it becomes a wasted journey, with many wasted steps along our paths. When we never take the time to understand the why’s of the issues, then how do you expect to move forward on your path, with zero pain and hurt? You first need to understand the journey, before you chose a path to walk, because if you never take the time to understand the journey, then how can you ever understand of the issues that will come with the journey? The issues are part of this journey, it is up to us, to better understand moving forward, Jesus does understand all of us and what we go through along our paths, he will always be there for us, it is we who lose touch with him, as we let the issues bring us into the clutches of denial and as we let the denial control every fiber of our being. You can clearly see within this society, that there are so many within the power of denial, as all our hearts have become so cold, that there is no love of Jesus passing through it, this is all on us, as we have taken the faith and set it a side, so we can try to escape the hurt and the pain of the issues. What if God took time off from creating us and all that is around us just because he felt like it? you think all this creation would of been been finished? God and Jesus never take any time off from us, it is we, who take time off from them. This is why as we walk our paths through this journey, it is so important that we take the time to understand everything around us, even the issues that may come to us, so we than can truly walk through this journey as Jesus did, truly walk this journey in the peace and happiness that Jesus showed us, while we move forward with each step, better and stronger, and while we move forward with the love of Jesus flowing through our hearts and warming our souls, while we take this love and share it with each other, which will warm this society for the better, as we all truly understand everything that is around us, throughout this journey of life.

” The key to this journey is not just moving forward, but to move forward along the climb, to gain the confidence in yourself and Jesus Christ, to not just conquor the mountain, but to conquor the issues that will come as well”

” To understand or not to understand, this is how you truly walk this journey, with Jesus or without Jesus”

” It’s the cold of Satan that has become greater than the warmth of Jesus’s love, but we the people can change this with our actions moving forward”

The Journey is not all smooth as silk all the time

Yes, it is very true we all walk the same journey of life, we all enter and leave this journey the same, yes, we all may take very different paths through the journey than each other, but at the end of the day, the journey we all walk is all the same for each of us. Now I get the fact that some want to be given everything without working for what they recieve, but who do you think will actually be working for all the stuff that you will recieve? If you think that everything grows on trees, then you need to wake up out of the denial, and get back to reality, before reality comes kick you in the back side of the anatomy.

These two pictures I have here are two very different pictures from one another, one is a trail on the way up a mountain, yes it is very steep, with many hurdles to overcome with each step, this trail comes with much work and very tire some activity, but at the end of the trail, is the summit of the mountain, with views that will take your breathe away, and very differently take your breathe away, unlike the excursion of climbing the trail. Very true the trails of any mountain comes with work, but when you put in the work, the views are like no other you will ever see, as you walk through this journey of life. Now some may never see the comparison of hiking a mountain, to working your nine to five grind? But when you look deeply into what you see, actually get out within nature for that climb, you will find a whole different world out there, than all the crap we see today, within this society of today, not too mention, you will also see that, when you actually put in the work, then all the true beauty will be all around you, with each step along the path you chose.

Now the other picture is of a camping trip I took totally off grid, where you simply shut your phone off, cause there are no towers for any service in this spot. To some they may never go into a place like this, as they are totally addicted to their devices, but this is the kind of place, where you can go and truly relax and unwind from the daily grind. Not just relax the body, but totally relax your mind and soul, without any idea of what time it is, not too mention, don’t have to worry about any deadlines to get the job done. Now don’t get me wrong, setting up your camp properly does take some work, but it is a different kind of work, that gets you in tune,, with the great outdoors. You see that nice campfire? It didn’t just lite on it’s own, first you need to gather the wood, then chop that wood, and pile it up neatly, for the daily use. These fire rings you see are put there by the conservatory groups who work the land, so they can keep their foundations and so we the people, can enjoy the beauty of mother nature. yes they do build up these fire rings for us to use, but when the Yahoo’s go out and abuse the land, now those of us who respect the land, will actually build these fire rings back up, as we build our fires for our daily use, for as long as we are out there in this spot. The biggest group that owns much of the land for us to enjoy, are the AMC club, which stands for, the Appalachian mountain club, and yes you can join their club for a yearly fee, just go to their site for all the details. With clubs like this, we can get outdoors and totally enjoy, all that mother nature has to offer. Let’s not forget about the wildlife out there, as you take to the camping off grid, you now are entering to the home of these animals, and like you wouldn’t want others to come and disrupt your home, the same respect should be for the wildlife homes, you are now camping within. Yes I have seen many Deer, Moose and Bear along my camping endeavors, but if you respect them, and keep your distance, they won’t even be a factor, as you enjoy all the beauty, that mother nature brings to you.

With all the ugliness and chaos within this society of today, yes it can be hard to see any beauty out there, but all we need to do is, look deeply into what we see, get out within mother nature, put in the needed work, so you can then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Yes work can make you tired, just as being lazy can make tired as well, but for me, I would rather put in the work, as now, not only can you enjoy the fruits of your labor, you may also enjoy all the true beauty that is around you as well. There is so much beauty all around us, it makes no sense to me just to sit back and get caught up within all the drama, the rhetoric, and ugliness that is all around us, turn off the TV, turn off the devices and get outdoors, go hiking, go camping and not just camping in a popular spot with others, really get outside your comfort zone, so you can truly be amazed at what is around you. You may find you have senses you thought were never there? You may also learn more of yourself as well as all that is around you? If we of this society took more positive actions, then negative actions, put ourselves on the same pedestals of each other, instead of trying to get ahead of one another, OH!!! what a beautiful world and society we would be living today, if we all regained the respect of one another once again, this journey through life would be a great pleasure to walk once again, it all starts with each one of us, as we walk through our paths, put in the work we need to do, because when we all do this, is when the true beauty of this journey, will shine the brightest for us all, with each step along our paths we chose, through this journey of life.

” Life’s journey is all the same for each of us, it is our paths we chose that is different from another and what we bring to one another”

” The view at the summit of the mountain is so worth the work we put in, to get to the summit we seek”

” The great outdoors can come with some work, but work that is well deserved with the views and the beauty, that will come to throughout the journey”

This Journey will throw many paths at us to walk

” But it not be so among you, rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant, whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all, for the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many”

Mk 10:43-45

This journey through life will give us many paths and throw many curve balls at us, but in the end, it is how we made the right choices on the paths we take, so we can make the right adjustments, to hit all the curve balls out of the park of life, so we can be at peace, with true happiness moving forward. The journey may seem long to some, others may not get the chance to live this journey, within true peace and happiness? The choice is ours to make, as Jesus Christ will always be there to guide us, and all we need to do is, not only have complete faith in ourselves, but have complete faith in Jesus as well, which will always give us the hope, moving forward throughout this journey of life.

There are many factors throughout this journey that we never take the time to truly understand, factors that when they take hold of us, will control every fiber of our being. Factors that we never acknowledge, until it is too late, which then has us spinning out of control, losing faith in ourselves and worse, losing faith in Jesus Christ. These factors will have us not acknowledging that Jesus is within us, as we then bury all our true feelings, so deep within, it is like they do not even exist. Shame and Denial are the two biggest factors we will have to face, as they will turn us into someone for who we truly are not, they will have us do things we normally would not, as when they grab hold of us, their grip is so strong, and we feel so helpless from them, that we then give in to the error of their ways. We become so bombarded with unwanted drama and chaos today, that if we become out of focus along our path, then the power of denial will come and sweep us away, from us being truly of who we are. Just as Jesus resisted the temptation of Satan, we to need to resist Satan, as he will come to us as well, in the form of this denial and shame.

This quote I use here today, is a perfect quote for each one of us within this society, as we do what we can to get in front of one another, even if it is just standing in a line to get on a ride at the Amusement park. We are all so engulfed within the drama of this journey, we have forgotten what this journey is truly about. We are so lost within this society today, because some keep feeding us lies, that we have lost sight of where we are going, we have lost sight of true reality and have fallen into the hands of denial, letting it’s power control every fiber within us. Can we escape the power of denial? You bet we can, but we need to acknowledge Jesus Christ within us, so we than can have the faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus, to move forward better and stronger. The hands of denial will bring us into a world full of ugliness and chaos, not too mention in a world of negativity and self doubt, then as all the drama compounds around us, it will keep us from seeing any light of salvation, and keep us within the darkness of the denial, which is how Satan stays in power over us all.

Denial will come to us in many ways as we walk through this journey, which is why we need to stay focused at every turn along our paths. Any kind of an abuse like, drugs, alchohol, gambling, or sex abuse to name a few, as we become engulfed in the abuse, is when the denial grabs hold of us, which then the shame comes in, forcing us to become someone we are not, just so we can take the easy way out and not work hard at fixing what we need to fix, so we can move forward better and stronger. Through the denial we become so blinded, that we then put up these walls around us, to try to escape all the pain and hurt, but what we can not see is, by putting up these walls, we then are separating ourselves from reality, and replacing it with this fake reality, that only compounds our issues, instead of fixing our issues for the better. This quote should not only be read by us all, it should be copied and pasted to the walls of our memories, so when we do feel like life is spinning by and we have lost control, we than can reread this quote as many times as we can, so we can fix what we need before its too late, and the walls of self doubt, have turned us into someone we truly are not.

When your moving too fast through the highway of life, this is when you can not see clearly of what is around you, this is when you become out of focus of everything around you, then you add in all the other factors? Now you have become lost along your path of this journey. Can you get back in focus along your path? Yes, as you slow down, look deeply into what is around you, so you then can take the steps to fix what you need to fix, and move forward better and stronger. Denial can and will control everything about you, but when you stay true to who you are, stay true to Jesus Christ and his faith in you, as well as the faith in yourself, there will always be the hope and the light of salvatioin right there in front of you. True this journey will take some work as we walk our paths, but when we stay on top of it and stay focused, it won’t even feel as work, as it will become natural to us all, which is what Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us. When we take the easy way because of our laziness, now we become ripe, for denial and shame, to wrap their big ugly hands around us all and take complete control of us as well, while we are left to become someone for who we are not.

We of this society think we deserve to be served, we think all those around us should be our slaves? We think we are King of the Universe and will never listen to anybody around us, even if they are correct? We think we are the ones correct and all others are wrong? I have a news flash for you, there is nobody in this society that is perfect and yes we all at one time or another have been wrong, so get off your high horse and get back to reality, before reality comes and bites you in the back side of your anatomy, just like Karma will get you everytime. The son of man came to us to serve us and he gave his life for us all, but the saddest part of this society is, there are way too many that have lost sight of that fact and think that they are even mightier than Jesus Christ himself? We all within this society are so out of touch with reality, that the power of denial has taken hold, of a high percentage of us, the time is now to escape the clutches of the denial, so we all can heal from the pain and the hurt, so we all can heal ourselves, then help heal each other, as we then escape the darkness of the denial and the shame, to get within the light of the salvation and the peace and happiness, for which Jesus taught us, when he came and walked his path here with us. We all may take our own path through this journey, but the journey is the same, we all start and end the same, with the middle being the big X-Factor, and what keeps us humble, to be, or not to be, of who we truly are.

” The journey to some may seem long and will throw many curves at you, but when you stay true to yourself with the faith in jesus and yourself, then you can stay focused and away from the power of Satan with his denial and shame”

” The darkness may seem tough to overcome, as it becomes hard to see clearly through it, but when you stay focused on the light at the other end of the darkness, you will always see clearly through the dark”

” Jesus came to us as a servant to us all, he never wanted a slave, he also laid down his life for us all to heal moving forward, so we all can see clearly through the darkness, to avoid the temptations of Satan and his evil ways”

To stay Sharp, no matter of the path through this journey

” Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another”

Proverbs 27:17

” Jesus looked at them and said, for Human Beings it is impossible, but not for God, all things are possible with God”

Mk 10:27

We of this Society are in this together, as we walk through this journey of life. But!! As you look around, you can clearly see that, we have become so afraid to step out of our comfort zones, we have become so engulfed within ourselves, that we truly have distanced ourselves from one another. We also have become so deep within the world of Political Correction, that we will spin everything we do and say, in a political format. From all this political crap, now everything we do and say have become so negative and bitter, that we have become deeply ugly to ourselves and all those around us. We may through political correction, say nice things to each other, then as soon as we turn our backs, out comes the knife and deeply within all our backs, which brings nothing but great pain and ugliness to us all.

We all of this society think that we ourselves are better than each other, when one talks of doing something, another speaks up with a better story? When one talks of something they did, they then close their ears, when the other talks of what they did? Each one of us will put ourselves on higher ground then others around us, then thumb our noses to those we ” Think” are beneath us. The only thing that this will do for our society is, bring more pain, hurt, bitterness and ugliness, to a journey, that should really be about, love and respect, as Jesus taught when he came to us and showed us, so we can walk this journey, in the peace and joy, that Jesus Christ brought to us all.

The light of Jesus Christ is there within us all, we just through time, have darkened that light, which is leading us down a destructive path of, division, ugliness, chaos and bitterness of everything around us. This is a path that Satan himself is leading us into temptation, he is tempting us with trickery and falsness, to get us all within this cold dark place, that is nothing but low self worth, instead of having any confidence, so we can achieve all that we do, then help each other to also keep moving forward, throughout this journey we all walk. I get the fact that, we will become lost along this journey at times, we will become influenced by the wrong things, then we develop this low self worth of ourselves. When this low self worth sets into us, first we don’t want to admit to this as shame has us within its grip, so we then hide our true selves deep within, and portray this fake self to all those around us. We blame everything and everyone for our insecurities, instead of accepting our time of weakness, instead of fixing what we truly need to fix, so we can move forward in reality and confidence. Political Correction has made us all weak, that has pointed us in a direction of destruction and bitterness at every turn.

This journey through life may seem like a lot when we don’t walk our paths correctly, and get caught up within all ugliness. But!! As we take care of what we need to, stay focused on ourselves and what is around us or within us, then we can have the confidence to resist any temptation, that the darkness of Satan will bring to us. Once the darkness and the cold of Satan has brought this low self worth to us, then we lose sight of the light and the faith of Jesus Christ, as with no faith, there is no hope moving forward. Right now within this society, we are all within Purgurtory, simply because we all fear the darkness that has covered us, we fear more the pain from stepping out of the box, then if we just sit still, within our comfort zones, the darkness has turned us all into the sheep along this journey, instead of being the Shepard, and leading us all into the light of Jesus Christ, to share is love that is within us, with all that are around us, just as he himself did, as he walked his path here with us, throughout this journey of life.

It is never too late to change our ways, but when we have the power of low self worth controlling us, then change we will never see. At least the kind of positive change we may never see, as the negative change that comes within the darkness, will bring us the wrong kind of change, that will make stronger the low self worth of us all, to keep us consumed with all the ugliness and the chaos. Some do not want you to think for yourself, they want you to be dependant on them, so they can seem to us all, as being more powerful then us all. Denial, like shame are very powerful sources within the darkness of Satan, Through the denial, you then lose sight of all true reality around you, which now you keep compounding the lies and live within this fake world, that will destroy yourself and all that is around you. Yes very true that there will be darkness from time to time, but when we stay true to who we are, then the darkness will never last, as now we have the confidence in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, we have the faith to keep alive the hope, to keep moving forward, within the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, which always keeps the light in front of us, at the other end of the darkness. This journey is on us and our actions, but when we take no action and become a sheep, now the journey stops as we become engulfed within the darkness of Satan, and the power of denial and shame then contols us and all that is around us.

” Staying sharp within this journey will help to keep Jesus with you, as he guides you and keeps you from the shadows of Satan and the darkness for that he brings”

” Positive change is good for the soul, as negative change is never good and full of darkness and ugliness”

The Portrait of Mother Nature

Mother nature has so many qualities, her beauty is second to none. Every season brings it’s own flair to each year, but first you need to get out and explore all her true beauty with each step along the journey. The Fall, some may say it’s too cold? But it is the cold that has all the colors of the leaves popping, as we look in awe! While some take to the roads to see all the colors of the leaves changing, in order to see the true colors of the Fall, you need to exit the vehicle, step onto the trail and go explore deep within the woods of Mother Nature. Every season has its own beauty that it brings to us, but for me, the Fall is the most beautiful and comfortable, in order to roam within Mother Nature.

The Winter is the coldest of the seasons and like all the other seasons, it to, brings a beauty of its own, so we can share as we truly see what the beauty brings to us all. That white blanket that covers the Earth, to rejuvinate the landscape for the Spring thaw. When you go walking a trail in the Winter, listen to the crunch of the snow beneath your feet, as a fresh snow blankets the earth from a new storm, that quiet Eery feeling of calm, that fills the air around you. There is nothing like that quiet calm from a fresh snow, which adds even more, to the true beauty of what mother nature brings to us all.

To most, the best is the thaw of Spring and the meaning that, warmer temps are coming, but when you look deeply into the season of Spring, you will clearly see that this season is all about rebirth, as Fall is about hibenating and being dorment through the cold months. When Spring is here, then all the flowers and the leaves come back fresh, as the air turns warmer, as we wake up from our hibenating sleep. Now with the warmer months on the horizon, most will think of vacation, as to them its all about the beach and the surf? But this journey through life holds alot more, than just walking a sandy beach, and listening to the surf slam that sandy beach. Spring has sprung, bringing back once again, all the true beauty of mother nature for us all to enjoy. You will see the limbs of the trees with many buds, that will bring the fresh leaves and fill the trees with new life. The flowers fragerance will brighten up the air all around us, as they come back into bloom for another season. Yes everything will be reborn within the months of Spring, even we as well will be reborn, but only if we want to change and change for the better, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Then there is the season of Summer, this season will bring the heat, yes it will literally heat up the Earth, to which those sandy beaches you like to walk, will become like walking on fire and burn your feet with each step. As the Winter months will freeze the waters for us to go skating on, the Summer will heat up that same water, as now we go swimming, to get relief, from the heat of the Summer months. It is true that all the plant life that becomes reborn in the Spring, can dry up and die, with the scorching heat that Summer brings. The pitchure of this lake was taken in the late summer months, with Fall lurking around the corner. It was late in the day with the sun going down for its nights rest, as the darkness of night to become upon all. The calm of the night sky is coming near, as now the night creatures start to awake, and the days creatures get some rest, for the next days adventures. Time to light the campfire and get lost within the therepy of the hot coals and listen to all the sounds from the night sky. We have become so used to the city lights, that most forget what it is like, within the night sky of mother nature. There is so much to and within the beauty of mother nature, but to actually experience it, you first have to step out of your comfort zone, and step into what mother nature has in store for you.

What is lurking around the corner of mother nature? The only way to find out, is to actually take that step around the corner and truly see, what mother nature has in store for you. Yes you have to be prepared for what may be around the corner, but when you are prepared, there is no better beauty to step into. From the colors of Fall, to the white winter blanket that Winter brings to us all, then the rebirth that takes place in the Spring, giving us back all the beauty that left us in the Fall, then the heat of the Summer as we take our vacations and rejuvinate ourselves from the daily grind. Each season brings many beautiful things to us all, but when we are bitter, we never truly see what the beauty is, of any season and as there are four seasons within a year, there is much beauty to experience, as we get back to truly of who we are, without being bitter, of anything or anyone. This journey will bring many things to us all, as we walk our paths we chose, so if we do not enjoy all the beauty within all the seasons, then before we know it, this journey will come to an end, with alot of us leaving this journey with many regrets, that now we can not get back, because now the journey has stopped, and what lurks on the other side of the journey, we will never know, til we get to that side, which I think it is what most fear the most.

” The beauty of mother nature is all around us, its time to truly see that beauty and stop with all the bitterness”

” There are four beautiful seasons within each year of our journey, you cant just see one without getting through another”

” There is so much lurking within this journey of life, but within all the bitterness you will never be prepared for what lurks around each corner”

With action, comes consequence

” There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak Ill of me”

Mk 9:39

Whether you want to believe or not, God is always watching over each one of us. This is why he let his one and only son in Jesus Christ, come to us and walk his path through this journey of life. We have seen and do know, what the difference between good and evil are, as this is what Jesus taught us on his journey, plus Jesus also showed us of how to truly feel his love within us, so we than can spread that love with each other. All this ugliness and chaos around us today, with the thick dark cloud hovering above us, is totally on we the people of this society, with our actions we take everyday along our paths. Some among us may say, that with all the destruction and ugliness, if there were really a God, then why does he allow all of this? It is not about us making God happy or sad, it is totally on us and our actions, to leave this black cloud behind us, so we than can, move forward in peace and love, as the pain, the ugliness and the chaos disappears from our paths that we chose , throughout this journey of life.

There will always be things that are beyond our power, or should I say, way above our pay grade……Which is part of the why that Jesus came here and walked his path here with us. When things come to us and overwhelm us, when they seem to be as powerful as anything ever has been in front of us, this is where we need to be as confident as we can with ourselves, confident with Jesus Christ so he can lift us out of the black cloud that surrounds us, so we than can get back to reality, being true to one another, with every step along the path of this journey of life. Sometimes we think we can pick whatever consequence that may come? Thats just an Illusion and a way for us to stop being truly of who we are. You can not have the consequence without any action, as the actions we take, whether good or bad? Will determine what the consequence will be for us moving forward.

The actions we take along our paths, come directly from our behavior, and when our behavior is tainted, we then will take actions away from the behavior, without thinking through any reaction of our actions. Then as you have a society of many and we all take action on our tainted behaviors without thinking through the reactions, now you have a broken society, that goes deeply into the darkness of Satan and further away from the light of salvation and within the peace and joy, that Jesus Christ showed us, as he walked through this journey with us. Jesus showed us how to resist the temptations of Satan and step away from the actions that bring us great pain, ugliness and chaos, but within this society and being so far removed from the time of Jesus Christ walking this journey, plus all the technology around us, we are all guilty of, taking many actions without thinking through the ramifications of those actions, with This darkness we are within, the ugliness and the chaos, are totally on each one of us, as we all need to be better at thinking through our actions, before we react, trusting and believing totally in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so we then can have the hope moving forward, to get within the light of salvation, with the peace and joy that God envisioned for us, when he created all that is around us.

There is no one within this society that is perfect, anybody that says or act as if, is not only lying to themselves, they are lying to us all as well. We have to work everyday throughout this journey, to keep the path cleared of any obstruction that may trip us up, sometimes there may be another that will try to trip you up? These Individuals are far from perfection, as they need to truly find themselves, because they are lost on their path, with no real direction or have any idea of where they are going. We all make mistakes everyday, but when you take that mistake and move forward without fixing what is needed, now you are compounding the mistakes and turning them into a fake reality, which now you are totally losing any true reality that is is front of you. When you are in that fake reality and have to keep up with the lies to keep it going, this is much harder to do, as now everything you do or say is fake, and now the powerful force of denial that is within us all, totally takes control of us and all that is around us. While the power of denial has its hold of you, then everything you do or say, is a total lie, but you yourself will believe in that lie as it is like the true reality of this journey. You don’t even know that you are telling the lie, because in the twisted way of the denial, you are telling the truth? While in the clutches of the denial, nothing else around you matter, only you yourself matter to you. With the way this society is today, you can clearly see, that there is a high percentage of us all, within the walls and the clutches of the power of denial.

When you combine the fact of the fake reality we are all in with our actions, then you take the fact that all the media will only bring you the news ” they” want you to know and then ad lib in more fake news, this is nothing more than a recipe for diseaster, as we all walk our paths of this journey through life. Jesus would of never brought to us any kind of fake news, like the media is doing to us all today, what is driving this fake world of today is, power, control and greed. Some want all the power, to have all the control over everything, so they can live their exotic and plush lifestyles with all the greed. Jesus came to us as real and as real can be, he had the clothes on his back and the trust in his father, our creator in the name of God. Jesus wasn’t looking for anything and only wanted to lead by example, which is what the definition of what a true leader is. Those who want to lead, while they dictate to you what to do? This isn’t a leader, this is somebody who is lost within. We all with our actions have created this fake world, it’s time we all wake up and get back to true reality, before there is nothing more to wake up to.

The world we live today is so screwed up, but yet because of denial, no one wants to look in the mirror of life? We all think we are above one another, we all may say we care of another on one hand, then stab each other in the back with the other hand, this is how we take action within denial, and this is how we keep taking action without thinking through any ramifications of our actions. By not thinking through the ramifications of our actions, clearly shows just how lost we all are, not too mention, how there is no more empathy or compassion anymore. If only we all dig down deep within, get back in touch with our true feelings once again, just maybe, all the empathy and compassion will come back to us, so we can escape the clutches of the denial, that has controlled us for way too long. The blood that passes through your body, is all our life lines that keeps us walking this journey, then as we keep the faith in Jesus Christ, that same blood we will feel pass through our hearts, as Jesus warms it with love, so that warmth will warm our souls as well. Without the faith in Jesus, then the heart becomes cold, leaving it to become consumed with the darkness of Satan and all the ugliness and chaos that follow. The blood of Jesus Christ will only warm our hearts and souls when we truly have faith in him, which then gives us the faith in ourselves, as we then move forward into the hope, which then will keep the denial from grabbing a hold of us, as we walk through the peace and the joy of this journey, and away from the darkness and the ugliness. We make this journey harder than it should be with our actions, if only we look deeply into the ramifications of our actions, before we take the action, then a lot of the darkness will be lifted, for the light of salvation, as the power of denial will release its grip, for the peace and joy of reality, as we then walk our paths of this journey, being truly of who we are.

” To think of the ramifications of your actions before you take the actions, will help keep the ugliness of any action affect you in any way that it may”

” Our behavior is affected in many ways by many things, so we need to keep checking on our behavior, while we think through our actions, so we don’t keep making the wrong actions moving forward”