The light of Salvation

The light will light the way toward the path of righteousness.

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An Island of Oasis

The place to go, to heal from the pain along the path of this journey through life.

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The fire that burns deep within the soul

That fire that burns deep within the soul, is the blood of Jesus Christ flowing through the veins.

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Not so much focus on the print, as to make an impression

” Present your bodies a living sacrifice, and do not be conformed to this world” Romans 12:1-2 ” There rermains therefore a rest for the people of God” Hebrews 4:9 These two quotes from scripture, basically are perfect for us all within this society. We are all so filled from head to toe with, many

The sound of silence

  Sometimes within our daily grinds, as we walk our paths of this journey, we need times like this, so we can be at peace and recharge, which clears the clouds of our judgments and gives us a boost to keep moving forward, without letting all the crap solidify within us. When you let go

See the History in everything

” You can not undue the History, it will always be part of our past, but you can glance back to figure out the why’s, to move forward in the present and future, better and stronger with each step through this journey” *** BowlingChef*** There are some within this Society that think they can undue

The Peace and Joy through Hope

” May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace” Romans 15:13 ” When God’s love fills a heart, it occupies every single part it with the fruit of his spirit, his perfect peace leaves no room for fear in the heart of the believer” John 4:18 There is plenty of peace

Human Nature is the love of Jesus within us

” Peace comes from within, if you can not be peaceful with yourself, then you will never be peaceful with others throughout this journey” My little buddy Martin Richard makes yet another appearence here with my words, he was the young eight year old boy, that was killed in the sick and demented acts of

Being prepared when camping remotely

” Staying safe and keeping your adventure as fun and exciting as it can be, making for a great adventure, with great memories” This tent that I have been using for ten plus years, is a tent put out by Ozark Trail. It is a tent I have no bad words for with each adventure

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