The climb is tough, you grow stronger as you climb





“The struggle is real, the climb is tough, but through the pain and the hurt, reaching the top will help you be stronger and better than ever”


I saw a post that Gold medal winner Aly Raisman put onto her social media and it sounds as if, some have taken offense to her coming out and speaking of her pain? Basically she was commenting on some comments to her post of some saying the woman/girls deserve what they get for the way they dress? Excuse me!!! this is nothing more than a rationalization by the Individuals commenting to her. Nobody asked to be treated the way a Victim of sexual abuse has been treated, they were groomed by an Individual who not only with his/her actions, speaks loudly to they need help, but it is also an excuse to rationalize their behavior and objectify others.

Objectification is something we all do without knowing it, instead of looking at someone to make ill comments of how they look, try looking at them as a person, someone that is a Human being as you and I, someone that is someones son, daughter, wife, husband etc…… We are all a human being that walks a path through this journey of life. It is very easy to look at each other as a person, it is even harder to objectify each other, but yet some will objectify, to rationalize away their actions, of grooming another, for their sick pleasure.

Aly Raisman is a very strong woman to come out and talk of the actions of another toward her, coming out for anybody within this screwed up society is very difficult, especially those that have been sexually abused, but when you do come out a very large weight has then been lifted from their shoulders, as now the difficult part has been done and the rest of the work to move forward in the healing process begins. The most difficult part of any healing process is the coming out to speak openly and candid of the situation, We in this screwed up society are too afraid to speak openly of any situation that may have others look at us differently, we fear that others may ridicule and make fun of us so much, we then bury deep within our real pain and hurt, which does nothing but have us become someone we truly are not.

This journey through life really isn’t that hard, only we as people walking our paths through this journey, make it very hard with our actions or inaction’s from doing nothing. if we only showed more empathy of each other, then we wouldn’t be objectifying each other, if only we truly felt the warmth of God’s love deep within our hearts and souls and then shared this love with each other, just maybe all this crap and ugliness within this society would disappear? We are all Human beings walking a path through this journey, we are all very similar to each other, as well as being very unique to each other, God put us here to use this uniqueness to be better and stronger moving forward, not to attack one another with our stupidity and our sick actions. The time is now for each of us to come out and heal together, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always, everyday  with every step.


” Rationalization is simply a cop out excuse to excepting your actions and escaping any responsibility from your actions”

” To objectify is to make light of any action that you may enter into”

” It takes a sick Individual to groom another for their sick actions, instead of starting their own healing process moving forward”



important topics that should be taken seriously


We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be many things that will come across our paths that will knock us down if we are not ready. We all will suffer many setbacks, with the many issues that come before us on our paths, these issues will control us if we don’t take the time to understand them, as well as bring us much pain and hurt, when we become hurt with the pain from the issues, we then suppress deeply our true feelings, so we than can try to move forward on our paths, like  there is nothing wrong? A lot of the times if we just communicate with someone whom we trust, about the hurt from the pain, really communicate deeply of the issues that hurt us deeply, just maybe we then can understand better of the issues, so we than can heal our pains and move forward better and stronger.

One of the biggest topics throughout Mankind that was Taboo to communicate about, was the topic of Sex Abuse. This kind of abuse not just was hard to talk about by anybody, but is especially hard for the Victim to communicate at all to anybody. As a Society on a whole, nobody wanted to hear of or communicate to this abuse, simply because as a Victim, you were shamed into burying your true feelings deep inside, only because you feared that those around you, would laugh and ridicule you behind your back. Through the shame of this kind of abuse, it would leave the Victim with the feeling of low self esteem and low self worth, thinking that just maybe, there is something wrong with me to have this happen? Then with the deep feelings from the hurt and pain, the Victim would then bury it so deep, that their true feeling would be lost within as well. Without realizing  it, the little child within would then become lost and not grow healthy within, leaving us on the outside, troubled and not growing healthy like that child within us.

Since that knucklehead in Hollywood and with all the ones coming out of who he abused, there is a hashtag that was started on twitter of #meto, now there are so many using that hashtag to come out from their abuse and trying to heal themselves from their hurt and pain, that through social media people are using it for a positive and trying to help themselves feel their true feelings, that they have buried for so long. Through all the crap that is on social media today, just maybe now it can be used for a positive, so those that have been abused, can come out, communicate truly and truly feel their real feelings deep within. We all have our issues, we all struggle with these issues, but when we don’t truly understand them, or when we don’t truly communicate them, so we than can heal the pain and hurt, then we will always be a Society that is broken, we will always be a Society with no true love or empathy and even worse, all the ugliness and the hatred will never leave us in this Society.

Sex Abuse is nothing new to us, not just within this Society, but all Societies of the past. So why then have we not been able to heal from the pain and hurt it brings? Communication is the biggest part in understanding totally of this problem and without it, then no one will ever truly understand it. Those who suffer this dreadful issue of sex abuse, don’t truly feel their real feelings, so they then bury deep within of who they truly are, then try to move forward with this fake self, so everybody around won’t think they suffer deep within. The Victim will also have zero trust of anything around them, which then will bring many more issues to their paths they walk. Through this hashtag of #meto, we can all clearly see that, there are many more than we realize, who suffer quietly within, Just walk down the street and truly feel the love and empathy within you, so you than can look deeply into all around you and see truly of who is around you, this problem of sex abuse has been around more then we want to admit to or talk about, so the amount of Victims are far greater than what we may think. The only way for us to walk our paths of this journey through life is, to communicate totally of the issues that may come across our paths, so not only we can understand for ourselves, but we can understand better for all those around us, as we truly show our true love and empathy and truly help each other heal from the true pain and hurt, then we all can walk our paths of this journey in true peace and happiness always.


” Sex abuse has been a huge problem throughout Mankind, just that nobody truly communicated of it and healed totally from it”

” This journey through life has many issues that will test us, it is time to start acing the test so we can be at true peace and happiness”

” Communication is the one true key throughout this journey, so we can understand better as we walk our paths”

” #meto is the one biggest and best thing that has happened in recent years, letting some truly heal from their pain and hurt”

” When social media is used correctly, it can help us all move forward and not backwards”


Making a splash along this journey



The beauty of Mother Earth is all around each of us, no matter of where you are along this planet. but with this beauty you are going to have some ugliness, that will help us stay focused as we walk our paths through this journey. There comes a lot of struggles to each of us as well, as we walk our paths, you need these struggles, which helps us stay focused on, not just ourselves, but on each other as they walk their paths as well. This journey is not and will never be perfect, as this is not what God wanted when he created us and all that is around us, we may strive to be perfect, but perfection is like the word tomorrow…….. it never comes, for when tomorrow comes it then changes into today and yesterday when it passes.

We all go through struggles along this journey, but we learn to adapt, change what we need to change and fix what we need to fix, so we than can walk our paths better and stronger moving forward. Now there are some throughout this journey, that really never get the chance to become better and stronger, as the village for which they live, never develops an infrastructure, so the people can move forward with strength, there is more poverty within these villages then anywhere else, yes poverty can be in even a country like America, as there will be some that get left behind, cause they can’t keep up. Some of these villages in other parts of the globe, have such a severe poverty level, that children die before they can grow up, from malnutrition, to disease, as without an infrastructure, running water, or even food on the table ( actually there is no table to put the food on), these children die before they get to grow, like you and I within this country. Now America is not immune to this poverty, as it does happen here as well, but it is a problem of this society, simply because we have turned our backs to it, instead of reaching out, in any way that we can.

With all this poverty, ugliness and hatred around us, it amazes me to see that we the people can stay so arrogant to the problems around us, God see’s just how arrogant we are and with all the natural disasters happening around us,   this is his way of trying to wake us up and getting us to come together, so we can help each other, instead of turning our backs on one another. With less struggling, with less ugliness and hatred that disappears from our existence, then we all can actually walk our paths in peace, which then has this journey through life, become full of happiness for all always.

Making a splash along this journey of life, isn’t just for the water to fall from the rocks, we all can make a splash in our lives as well. Right now the splash is in the hands of Satan, with all the ugliness and hatred. Now if we truly follow the word of God, follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, then we the people can take the splash back from Satan, so the hatred and ugliness disappear and the good of this journey will prevail once again. Truly reach out and help those in need, help those children in poverty, so they to can grow within this Society like you and I, just maybe these children in poverty, with the right help, just might grow and help the Society for which they grow in. This is a big circle called the cycle of life, all our lives revolve in a cycle and when a link in the chain is broken, then you have a broken cycle, that many fall through the cracks, with no chance to grow and be stronger moving forward. We all have to come together as one, just as God envisioned and Jesus taught us, when he came and walked his journey with us. The ball is in our court, the people walking our paths of this journey, to reach out to those in need, so we all can walk together in peace and happiness always, throughout this journey of life.


” A water fall makes a splash from high above the pool below, we the people can make a bigger splash within Society when we come together as one”

” There is so much true beauty around us, it amazes me that this ugliness and hatred can consume so much of us”

” Struggles are a part of this journey, we all have them, just depends on how you adapt, change and fix, to make the struggles less of”

” Through all the ugliness and hatred, the poverty around us has been over looked for to long, time we work together to end all three”


Honor and thank a Veteran


The beauty within this picture really doesn’t highlight all the true beauty that you see with your eyes, as you take this picture of beauty. Then as we truly see all this beauty around us, are we really looking deeply into what we see, or are we being superficial and getting to engulfed in whats around us, to the point that we take for granted those who fought and worked hard, so we can truly see all the true beauty around us.

All this beauty around us and all the freedom we have to see the true beauty, at some point came with a hefty price tag, with those who have served and fought for this country paying the ultimate sacrifice and that is, giving their all including their lives for this country, some have also paid a hefty price, as they actually came back to walk their paths with us, but not at the 100% in which they had left with. These are the Individuals we so take for granted within this Society and I blame we the people for our inaction’s, and our ” all about me” mentalities.

A Veteran is someone that volunteers for a duty, not to bask in the glory, but to make a difference in the lives of all, Someone who shows up for work everyday on time without any complaint, someone who is not worried of how much money they will make, until they can finish the mission with success, A Veteran isn’t hand picked by anybody, as a Veteran could be anybody you see everyday you walk your path of this journey through life, there is no special Individual for this job of a Veteran, anybody can be a Veteran with hard dedicated work and done so very unselfish, thinking of the good for all, instead of ” whats good for me”.

There is plenty of true beauty all around us, for us to truly see this beauty, we first have to thank a  Veteran that fought hard, so we can be free, to walk our paths of this journey through life while being able to truly see all the beauty and while we are in a safe place to do so. A Veteran doesn’t ask for much, nor do they expect much, as all they really want is for a smile on each of our faces, while we walk freely among all the beauty around us. Some may say that the greatest Generation of this country were back in the days of those who actually worked to not only make a better life for themselves, but for all that were around them, truly back then was the greatest generation, but not for these reasons, for the plain fact of, the ones who served this great country and paid the ultimate sacrifice, so all those who followed in their steps within the Societies of their futures, could be free and safe to walk their paths of this journey through life.


” To honor and thank a Veteran properly, just simply stop reach out the hand to say thank you as you shake their hand”

” Through all beauty once was a struggle with some ugliness, but with true change, the ugliness becomes very beautiful”

” A Veteran never seeks any glory, for they only want us to be free, safe and with a smile on our faces”

“Veterans are volunteers and all volunteers are a very special breed of person, that we all have those qualities within us”



A little Respect goes a long way



” Respect is a two way street, when you Respect others then Karma will have the Respect come back to you”


With the Holiday season at our doors, first with Thanksgiving and then with Christmas and yes I said “Christmas”. Just maybe we can all focus on the good and leave the crap at the door and not bring it in.

Every year people get so engulfed with the Oh! I can’t say Christmas, that they forget truly of who they are, we all celebrate whatever holiday that our religions has, but we than can not truly celebrate it, for the fear of offending someone? You know what! If you can’t except me and my holiday celebrations, then why should I except yours? With this mentality then it is clear to see that, this Society not only needs to grow up, but we as a Society needs to show more empathy of each other, that is deep within the core of our being.

With another shooting and this time at a church in Texas, truly shows that there are some among us, that hurt deeply inside, but instead of reaching out and helping, we then turn our heads away like these Individuals have the plague, meanwhile they stew in their pain, til the point of breaking and bringing his hurt to us all. Unlike the left and the Media will want us to believe, the problem is not gun control, these sick Individuals will find the guns, the problems lies with our so called leaders, as when they want to cut within the budget, instead of cutting their spending or their expense accounts, they just keep cutting mental health, which leaves these sick Individuals among us, to further stew in their pain, til the day comes they snap and bring their pain to the rest of us, as we all then hurt as they do.

Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to be thankful for everything we have, thankful for all that is around us, thankful for our health and for, when we be truly of who we are, then the love and empathy within us, can then flow from us to each other. To be truly thankful for who we are, starts with us forgiving ourselves of our wrongs, so we then can move forward better and stronger, we all make mistakes it is how we learn from them as we move forward, Thanksgiving is for us to look back, see where we came, how hard we worked to get to where we are, forgive ourselves of our wrongs and forgive others as well, so we than can be truly thankful along our path of this journey through life.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas is of family, without this family bond, then a lot of what we do, we will never see clearly among the clouds of our judgments. Christmas is about giving yourself to your family and those around you, without looking for anything in return, you give your love that is within your heart and soul, which will then not only warm you inside, but will warm everything around you, no matter of how cold it is. The spirit of giving is like when we cry real tears, they truly heal us from whatever try’s to bring us down, in this Society we are trained that being good, giving our love and crying are a sign of weakness, on the contrary…… it is just the opposite, we become stronger, so we than can walk our paths through this journey of much better then ever before.


” With a little respect given by each of us, will have us all heal together throughout this broken Society”

” The spirit of giving and the real tears we shed, will only make us all stronger moving forward”

” Empathy and Love is deep within us all, time we truly feel it once again and share them with each other”


Truly a heart filled tribute



” To some tears may be a sign of weakness, but in reality they cleanse us of our pain to move forward better and stronger”

” Tears are a way for each of us to heal from what hurts us and soothe our hearts and souls”

*** BowlingChef***


Any kind of an award show we watch on television, should be just that? An award show to acknowledge someone or someones of their hard work of their craft. Last night as I watched the Country music awards, it was a good respectful award show that highlighted the Artists, as they worked hard all year on their craft, for all of us who enjoy country music. Especially the part where Carrie Underwood sang a beautiful tribute, to all that have perished this year and especially of the ones that perished at the country fest in Las Vegas, at the hands of a very sick Individual. This part of the show was a tearful one, as with the words being sung by Carrie were not only beautiful, but they had you with tears in your eyes, so we can heal ourselves and move forward better and stronger. This is what a true award show does, not as Hollywood does with their Politicizing of their words and the shoving of their opinions down our throats.

Hollywood has their own problems in light of some of the stories coming out of there in recent weeks, what they need not do is lecture the rest of us, in how we should walk our paths of this journey, when they themselves can’t even walk their paths of this journey correctly. Hollywood is nothing but fiction, as they act a fictitious part, in their fictitious world, then they try to preach to the rest of us, that their way is correct and the rest of us are wrong. All their award shows is all about glitz and glamour, the latest fashion excetra, What they don’t admit to the rest of us is, not only does that fashion come with a high price tag, it is also loaned to them to give back after the award show, all the glitz and glamour is fake and if it weren’t for us spending our hard earned money, their glitz and glamour wouldn’t even exist.

The CMA awards are all about the blue collar worker and the words of their music are very inspirational, as opposed to the Hollywood awards, where they do nothing but bring their fictitious world to the forefront. Some of these Country Artists are millionaires, but the way they dress, they look as if they are just like the rest of us hard working people, not too take away their hard work from their craft, as they do work hard to entertain the rest of us, but they have never lost sight of their true roots, unlike those in Hollywood, that will in order to keep their plush lifestyles, they will become someone they are not and keep the world of fiction alive around them.

The world of Hollywood is exactly what is wrong with this
Society, as those that buy into that world, become someone they truly are not. They will do and say anything just to try to fit into that world and then become brainwashed, away from the true reality, that the rest of us walk throughout this journey. May we all be inspired by the great music of Country, so we all can be true to who we are, cry some tears once in a while, so we than can heal ourselves of our troubles and move forward better and stronger along our paths, of this journey through life.


” Either Hollywood or country music the choice is yours, but a choice you need to live with as you walk this journey of life”

” Tears of joy, tears of passion, tears of sorrow, there are many tears to shed, so we can heal and be truly of who we are”


To practice what you Preach………..



” Therefore, do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example, for they Preach but they do not practice”

***Mt 23:3***


” We walk a path through this journey of life, nothing is ever of it seems, much like this stream, where with each turn around it’s rocky shores, there is a new obstacle for the stream to flow over”




We all speak many words throughout our lives, we also may preach to others of how to do things, but what we all get caught up doing a lot of times, we either speak or we write the proper words for others to follow, then we forget just how to follow those words ourselves, or maybe we don’t think we have to follow what we preach? Some may set an example of what they preach, but is this the true way of how Jesus Christ taught and showed us, when he came and walked his journey with us? Jesus followed the word of his father, the same father to each one of us within Heaven, yes we all have a father here on Earth, that loves us unconditionally, that guides us and supports us through all we do and never asks for anything in return, but the love of God our father is within us all, this love is within our hearts and souls, but yet in this Society we carry on, like it doesn’t even exist, we have lost the faith in our father in Heaven, as in this Society of ugliness and hatred proves just that and with no faith in our father in Heaven, it then leaves us with no hope moving forward along our paths of this journey through life.

The words of God our father are within the Gospel, which Jesus taught us of where to look and read, so we can follow these words and do the right thing always, but within this Society we get so caught up within the clouds of our judgments and within, our own minds of which we think we are smarter than our father in Heaven, that we then Preach our own words to ourselves and others, then we don’t even follow what we preach. The biggest example of this is, the ones we vote into office to lead us to prosperity, or so we think? These Individuals tell us what we want to hear, then forget what they preached to us and go within a whole different direction, with all the examples these Individuals set, we all then get caught up within the same crap, then we find ourselves doing as they, which then has us lose all faith in our father in Heaven, with no hope as to our true future moving forward,

There is a lot of information out there today, but the truest of all the information are the words of God our father and with these words, they can stand the test of time, which they will never get old, as well as they will never mislead us, for what ever we may do or encounter as we walk our paths through this journey of life. The key words to these words from God are, Faith, Hope and Trust, as we first have to have the faith in God our father, so we than can have the hope moving forward, as then with the positive vibes we get from God our father, we than can totally trust him in all we do, which will then help us be better and stronger in all we do and walk within this journey in peace and happiness always.


” Practice what you preach, so you than can follow what you preach and others will then trust you, which will give all the hope moving forward”

” True faith is believing with all your heart, so you than can feel the true love of God the father within you”

” We all have two father’s along this journey, they both love us deeply, as one is always within and we can feel his love in our hearts and souls, the other father is always on the exterior and loves us unconditionally then guides us and supports us with his love throughout our journey”