Open minded as to close minded

We as Humans are so unique in our selves, we are so smart, but yet we can be so dumb as well, when we are open minded, there is no end to what we can learn, do and become, when we are close minded, then our sights become like tunnel vision and we close everything and everuone around us.
Open minds are exactly that, they absorb everything around us, so we can than learn and be stronger as we walk our paths in life, sometimes in life there are things that happen, that challenge us and affect who we are, just that with an open mind, we can accept these things, learn to adapt to them and change ourselves, when we see necessary, so we can than move forward on our path, in our journey of life.
Close minds, are those that shut everything and anyone out, in order to keep ourselves from further or any harm, when we have close minds, it usally comes from a life event, that has scorned us in a bad way, we tend to shut ourselves off from everything and everyone around us, in the way of suppression of our true feelings and emotions, so we can prevent further harm coming to us, but the reality of it we are doing nothing but, hurting ourselves and those around us even more, we can’t see this or feel this, because we do not want to and all our true feelings have been suppressed deep inside our own bodies, plus this close mindedness of our Society, only breeds all the hatred we see today.
Open minds will breed, connecting, true feelings, learning and adapting, while close minds will breed, hatred, no feelings and being discriminatory towards all in our path, it is easy to be close minded as it takes no effort, but when we all work at being open minded, not only will we ourselves be better and stronger, so will our Society be better and stronger, with 0% of hate and 100% of love and empathy, towards ourselves and all those around us.

” Open minds will create, as close minds will destroy”.

Coruption… Greed and Temptation along our Journey of Life

We all walk a Journey in our lifetime, we may take different paths with different trials and turbulation, but we all walk a journey from when we are born into this world, til we come to our last day.
No matter what path you take, life’s journey has it’s rough times as well as it’s good times, it is how we as Individuals handle these times, that will determine our destiny.
All through the times of Mankind, each Society is made up of Individuals that they to walk a journey of life, Jesus also walked his journey when he came to us, like those times we also have our rough times like, coruption, greed and temptation and if we let them, they will control us and force us to be somebody we are not.
Coruption is nothing but a strong word, that creates much hatred and forces us to step on other’s for personal gain, Greed is the root of all evil and forces us to do things, we regret later as time goes by, Temptation is a powerful word that will consume us 100%, control every ounce of energy we have and force us to do things that we know are wrong, no matter where you turn in our Society, temptation is there waiting to grab hold of us, Jesus was tempted by Saten along his journey, said he could rule the entire planet, Jesus stayed true to himself and the Lord God, resisted temptation and lead us to the promise land, showing us that when we have faith and believe in him, spread his love and word, stay true to ourselves, we to can achieve this promised land.
Coruption, Greed and Temptation are powerful forces, that Saten uses to control each of us and when we let them, they will consume our heart and soul, they will make us become someone we are not, do things we regret normally, but in the clutches of Saten, we do them with no feelings or remorse, through Saten there is much hatred, through Jesus there is much love, with no sign of this hate, all we need to do is, be true to ourselves, show our love of self toward all we encounter, have complete faith and belief in God and his son Jesus, with this we walk the path of rightousness along our Journey of life and as we near the end of the journey, Jesus will provide us the promise land and a place we can be totally happy, without worrying of Coruption, Greed and Temptation.

” coruption, greed and temptation are just words, it is us that give these words power, if we let them consume us”.

Today’s job search, not what it used to be

          Today’s job search is so much different than what it used to be, I remember the days when I would walk in the back door, go to the person in charge, tell them what I can do and this is how I can help you, then be working the next day, now a days you can’t even walk in the front door, as this door door stays locked with the other’s.

            No matter what you have for experience, if you go in for the interview and they see you are old, yes they will be nice but only ask a couple questions, say we will call you and never hear from them again, even when you do call multiple follow ups? This is the job search of today and you can only get in the door, if you know someone, or you are willing to take a big reduction in pay.

            There is no more two way street anymore in the job search, the seeker has to bend over backwards to try to get employed, the employer’s do nothing, not even a phone call with a simple yes or a no. Fair? There is no more fair anymore and it’s all about the Employer 24/7. This is what happens when greed gets the better of you, you care for nothing but more money and the little people pay the biggest price, in this new game of the “job market”.

              The Corporations have all the power right now and more people are suffering because of it, you think the job market and our Society need to change? In a big way soon, or all the little people won’t be so free to do what they want anymore, won’t be able to afford the “American Dream” anymore, and all cause the corporate Executives want all the money and power to live their plush lifestyles and have total control over everybody and everything. These Exec’s only care for themselves, which when they retire, they will have no one around them to enjoy their lifestyle with them.

               In this Society of all about me, it is exactly that, which in a nutshell is a very lonely Society, that breeds all this hatred in our everyday lives today, the love and the empathy of today is almost extinct, the biggest reason of this is, the broken society we are in today, to change this broken society, takes work by each and every one of us that walk this planet, so we can fix what is wrong and all our journey’s will be of, happiness, love and strength, when we love and are happy, then the corporations will open their doors once again, to fill the open positions, so we all can prosper to make this Society great once again, which will help the one way street of the job market, go back to the two way street and create even more jobs then ever before.



A Child scorned, is a strong child that waits to be released

We all start out our Journey of life very much the same way, we are brought into this world by two Individuals, who deeply love each other and show that love by coming together and creating a child, that is a symbol of that love.
From a child to adulthood, there are a wide range of learning, trials and errors that happen along the way, sometimes the parent’s grow apart and that child then is brought up by one Individual, which is almost vertually impossible for one to do, as even with two parent’s, it is a huge job and takes 100% focus and energy, with love it makes it a bit easier.
When we are a small child and yes we all have life events happen, these events sometimes get overwhelming for a child to comprehand, cause at that age our minds and brains are still developing, but when they do happen, we get lost and confused to the point we simply don’t fully develop, without realizing what we are doing, we suppress our true feelings and emotions so our pain will go away, then as we grow older we don’t know how to truely feel, or get emotional to where we know how to fix ourselves, so we just move forward with no direction and hide who we really are, as we portray a fake self, so other’s won’t look at us funny.
Our life Journey is never easy, there are no books to learn from, we learn through trial and error which is what makes us stronger to succeed, anybody that says life is easy, really hasn’t lived their life fully, but as we grow from a young child, that child always stays within us on our Journey, that child guides us through life and when we become lost, so does that child and until we forgive that child, we will never be able to forgive ourselves, which makes our pain deepen so far within us, that we then become numb to any pain.
When we truly forgive that child and ourselves from all the harm as we grow, it is then the child can be released and grow stronger, which not only makes us as Individuals stronger, but makes our Society stronger as well, full of love and empathy of each other.

” A child scorned, becomes stronger along the Journey of life and beyond, with total forgiveness”

Let there be Peace on Earth

A day of Healing today, throughout the city of Boston and beyond. We remember that senseless tradgedy one year ago at the Boston Marathon, with all the stories and the speeches of our elected officials, this touches a nerve within all of us, whether you were at the Marathon or not.
We all as Humans have had some sort of Life event happen to us in one way shape or form, these events or tradgedies touch us in ways we struggle to explain, some of us try to quickly forget, so we tend to hide a good piece of ourselves in order to move forward, all the while we hurt deeply inside, we never let our true feelings and emotions show, for “fear” of being harmed again, this powerful ceremony at the Hynes Auditorium was all that, “POWERFUL”.
I ask God, let there be peace to come to all of us, let us all watch this ceremony and say to ourselves, “it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to feel and have emotion, it is okay to cry, so we all can be stronger”, some of us who were’nt even at the marathon, have connected to all those victims, may God give us all the strength, not just to heal, but to keep these connections well connected, so we can fix ourselves, so we can help Society fix itself.
Yes we all hurt in our own way, tradgedies like the Marathon will always happen, it is us as Individuals that no matter how they affect us, we stand up, talk about them and move forward, to be stronger and better then ever before, #bostonstrong.
Never hide your true feelings and emotions, always let them show, as these true feelings and emotions will define who we become, when we all stay true to ourselves, show love and empathy of each other, no matter what that may cross our path, on our journey of life, we will find that “hate” will cease to exsist and our Society will grow, be strong and better than it will ever be, #bostonstrong to all and let us all remember the words of 8 year old Martin Richard, “stop hurting people……peace”.

Resurrection for all throughout our journey

As we embark on another Holy week, leading up to Easter sunday, we do so thinking of Jesus and his journey, when he came to us, showing the path of rightousness.
When you look back to the Society before Jesus, you will see a very broken society, a time where the rich had total power and control over it’s people, a time where greed took over the minds and decision making of the rich, to where the average people paid deerly for, this is the path our Society is headed, if we don’t change now.
Let us enter this Holy week of 2014, to truely fix ourselves, change what we have become, so our Society can change not just for the top 10%, but for each and every one of us that walk ” the journey of life”.
Resurrection is not just for Jesus, after he sacrifised for us, then was buried and was resurrected, showing the journey will continue, Resurrection is not just when we die from this Earth, Resurrection is also when we end one chapter of our lives, so we can start a new and improved chapter, it all starts with us Individually, then spreads throughout our Society.
The tradgedy of the Boston Marathon Bombing shows that, the ones who perished have resurrected into each of us in one way or another, a city has changed as well as the surrounding communities and a new chapter is among us, it’s safe to say, ” we in the Boston area, have resurrected to the new chapter”, as we move forward on this new chapter, let us never forget the words written on a sign, from a young 8 year old boy named Martin Richard, ” Stop hurting people….. Peace”.
These words will be the start of this new chapter, to help us and our Society be stronger and happier, showing much love and empathy of each other, with not even a glance at the word “hate”. Let us also take the slogan #bostonstrong to a bigger level, #societystrong so we all as we walk our journey’s, can do so with this new strength and a big smile in true happiness, Holy week is a time for all of us to reflect, so we can move forward stronger and better then ever before.

” Resurrection is not just death, but also as we start a new chapter in our lives, on our Journey”.

Remembering the treadgedy of the Boston Marathon

The year anniversary of this senseless tradgedy is quickly approaching, this was an act by two cowards that are to weak to face anybody face to face, so they chose a way, that inflicts fear, not only of their victims, but those around them as well.
These Cowards are nothing more than a Bully, that each of us has encountered at some point in our lives, these Bully’s only think of theirselves and have no true empathy, for anybody or anything, so they use “FEAR” to give themselves a feeling of empowerment over all of us.
Whether it’s a Bully or a Terrorist, they are one in the same, with the same objective and thats to inflict fear, in all they encounter.
A good way to remember this and to help all heal, is to show these Bully’s, by standing up to them, continue walking our journey’s without missing a beat, honoring those affected by this senseless tradgedy, by showing the Bully’s/Terrorists you will not control us anymore.
Throughout all this of the Boston marathon tradgedy, there was a message we all have sort of foregotton, as we moved forward and back to our “Individual” ways, this message was by a young boy, 8 years old and lost his life from this senseless tradgedy, his name was Martin Richards and the message was a sign he was holding, which the media showed, but didn’t really pay to much attention to, this message was written on the sign, “stop hurting people……peace”.
“stop hurting people……peace”. this is a message an 8 year old was trying to give us, think about it? With all the hatred within this Society, everywhere you turn and where ever you go, there is so much hatred in our lives, you wonder just how love and empathy survive? This starts with each one of us, just look in the mirror and really do a sole cleanseing of one self, each one of us, have something deep inside ourselves to fix, all this hatred can be fixed, when each of us fix ourselves, as we do this, then all the hatred will disappear and love and empathy will come back to us, so we can continue on our journey with happiness.
All this from an 8 year old boy, named Martin Richards, a boy with a simple message and easy to remember, we may of overlooked it a year ago, cause through a Society of “all about me”, we only take care of ourselves before anything/anybody else, let’s never forget these words by Martin Richards and make them part of all our lives forever, as we continue walking our journey’s.

“Stop hurting people…….peace”
****Martin Richards******